Installing coded Widgets into Text Widget: Stucked!

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    Hi there!

    I don’t know whether this is a related issue with the recent widespread Script problem, but I do encounter this… that when I tried to paste codes from Buzzfeed, myweblog and so on, they are either no longer there after I pressed ‘Save Changes’ or part of the codes got corrupted.

    But they worked fine in Raincoaster’s blog (a treasure cache for wonderful widgets). So I am wondering what is going on at my blog that I can’t ‘paste’ them.

    And I also would like to know about this thing called Feedburner. What will happen to wordpress blog if we ‘burn’ the feed?

    Thank you!







    Make sure you’re using the html version of the widgets. It would help if you’d link to the code or paste it here in the forums between backticks (`)

    Feedburner… if you burn your feed, the server your blog resides on will burst into flames. No? Ok. It’s just another way of giving your readers a RSS feed. People can go to the feedburner site to subscribe to get emails when your blog is updated. That service is based off the Feedburner RSS. See my blog to see it in action.



    Hi Katm!

    I actually copy-cat Raincoaster’s widget choices, but some obviously cannot, and I wanted them. Bad news. You can try and see if you have succeeded. I thot I got a virus or what because when I paste the codes, part of them will gone.

    As for the Feedburner, I was puzzled by the site’s ‘secretive’ or strange presentation which sounds like if I use feedburner, I’d burn something. See? So I hesitated, and I am puzzled even now because… how really does feedburner work? And does it really help blogging much with Feedburner?

    And other things that work like Buzzfeed and so on?

    Thanks, Katm!




    Feedburner works just fine, they’re just all in love with their own lingo. Don’t let it put you off.

    As for Buzzfeed, I don’t know what the problem would be. I’ll paste their Widget code here for copying. I know they’ve changed a few things lately.

    BTW, Scope, your blog is a pig-dog to load. It takes FOREVER. You might want to cut down on the number of posts on the front page, just to make things easier on your readers. It took more than five minutes to load on my machine.


    Build a widget page here:
    (they even have an option for “Only Show Tame Buzz, Some of my Readers Are Prudes”)


    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    var BF_CapColor = '#ee3322';
    var BF_CapTextColor = '#eeeeee';
    var BF_BkgdColor = '#eeeeee';
    var BF_TextColor = '#0077ee';
    <script type="text/javascript" src=";cols=3&amp;small=0&amp;tame=0"></script><br /><a style="font-size:x-small;" href="">Via BuzzFeed</a>

    As you can see, the new widget code is javascript based. That won’t work here. What I’m using is the BADGE code:
    <a href=""><img src="/badge/badge.jpg" alt="BuzzFeed" height="125" width="125" border="0" /></a><br /><a style="font-size:x-small;" href="">Add BuzzFeed to Your Site</a>



    Hi Raincoaster!

    Hmm~ I just want to be very very sure that after I joined Feedburner to ‘burn’ what RSS (see how this phase sounds so destructive, it’s on Feedburner’s site) that my wordpress blog would be as steady as before.

    As for the Java thing, I am afraid that as an IT idiot, I am not sure about the difference or its impact on WordPress. But let me confirm here that the second set of codes is what I should be pasting in Text widget? :)

    Actually, I have already cut down the posting number per page once when it was first brought up, and others have found the current number to load rather smooth. But I’d go and check again, and maybe reduce the number further. May I know your cpu speed?

    Thanks, I suppose the first thing I need to do is to paste the codes after I return home. :)



    scopettg, usually with Chinese characters (Or other Asia-Oceania language sets) it takes longer to load for people using USA manufactured computers. I would suggest a post per page setting of about 25-40, personally I prefer 30, especially if your going to put such large pictures in your posts.



    The second set of Buzzfeed code is what you should use and what I am using. All javascript is stripped out on

    My cpu speed? About the same as an oxcart. I have a very old machine running Windows 98.

    As for Feedburner, using it does not in any way impact your feed. That exists independently. As I understand it, Feedburner basically subscribes to your feed and adds a few modifications, then offers that as a feed. You can have both displayed on your blog. The benefits of Feedburner over the regular feed are you can offer email updates to people who don’t want to go to the blog every time you post, AND you get better stats.



    Has Buzzfeed brought you much traffic, rain?



    The badge, none at all. Formerly, when they allowed you to leave links, a fair bit. I’ve seen as many as 80 hits via buzzfeed in a day when they featured me. Now they’ve just changed to a closed system, so it’s unlikely they will be much of a source for hits. If I don’t see anything in terms of a hit payout, I’ll drop the widget. I am finding that I’m mostly ahead of Buzzfeed lately, so it’s not helping me find much, which is its real purpose.



    Thanks. I tried Blogrush on my self-hosted blog. Removed it within 48 hours. It was a total joke and mostly old (Thanksgiving posts in Feb.), unrelated and inappropriate posts (cars for sale, everything for sale!) showing up in the widget. Not a single hit, as I recall.



    Buzzfeed is more up-to-date, but it only ever gives you hits if your blog is featured. And it generally prefers to feature Gawker media blogs. Love Denton to death, but I’m wondering if he’s got money in Buzzfeed or something. Because my posts, three days earlier, on the same subjects, are generally more amusing and have a greater incidence of dirty puns. What do these people WANT?



    Hi darknessrisses n all!

    I’d see to that… I am just back, and I’m like eyes with two magnetic poles… wanting to close up. Perhaps USA processors are not for chinese characters. Though I find it new, but I find that weird because… it’s just 00110011 kind of binary things all over the globe isn’t it?

    I am very interested in Raincoaster’s buzzfeed intro here. Now it boils down to one little question I have, and maybe for you guys and gals as well… Which is the best XXXfeed after all? Any suggestions?

    As for feedburner, I am observing the other thread on this issue and to learn more before I start ‘burning’. Haha~ Understandable. I don’t mind the ‘related links’ to help perhaps WordPress promote Paying sites, if they don’t affect me adversely. I am not that… selfish, apparently.

    I have this site visitor widget, n I am bewildered… it always register as 01 when… my hits per day have reached 300 and over; now a recent average of 100 & above hits per day. And I look at that silly widget… it’s always 01. Hahaha… So funny. What the hack…?

    With this opportunity, I call for the experts to intro ‘functional’ and ‘paste-able’ widgets and experts can discuss if they are good or not, and we can choose. That’d surely help all of us.

    Got to sleep now. Hang tight! ;)


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