Installing my WordPress blog on my own domain?

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    Hi WordPressians,

    This is my first forum entry, so be nice. :-)

    I was just wondering how’d I’d move my blog to my own domain etc? As in time I wish to work with AdSense and the like, and I hear WordPress doesn’t allow that; which is good and well.

    Anyways, any answers are much appreciated.

    Paul -Various Tramping (Trekking, Bush Walking & Hiking) articles and product reviews!



    On your domain install WordPress 2.1
    Here, Manage > Export > Save the file
    There, Manage > Import > Upload the file
    That’s it :)

    For help with the 2.1 you need to ask at though.



    Hi Paul

    We’re always nice! ;)

    This FAQ thread should give you the information that you need about moving your blog:

    You’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting from somewhere and then install wordpress for yourself. There’s loads of infromation about this over at, including downloads, instructions for setup and the forums for help with self hosted wordpress.

    Good luck!



    Edit: Mark and I were typing at the same time then. BTW Mark – I like your different post background!



    Actually it looks like the backgrounds switch back and forth because you’re edit post’s background is barely different from your first one.

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