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installing reftagger software

  1. muliebralviewpoint

    I am trying to find a way to use the
    on my two blogs.

    I have come here for help because my blog articles are usually loaded with references that need links. Adding those one-by-one from the www is super time consuming.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You might want to see this previous forum discussion:

  3. muliebralviewpoint

    Thanks, I will have a look and possibly get back to you.

  4. muliebralviewpoint

    I went to the link you suggested and it took me to other links that did not answer my question. I finally searched Google and got back here.

    Can anyone just give me a yes or no answer as to whether the idea I have is possible?


  5. No

  6. You can use Zemanta which can be easily re-installed via the browser extension right now. Go to >
    You cannot use because we bloggers cannot successfully post any JavaScript on WordPress.COM blogs. The software strips the code out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

  7. muliebralviewpoint


    Although your avatar is different here, I see you around quite a lot and have realized you are top notch

    Thanks so much for this information.

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