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Installing Twylah Code in Sidebar

  1. My code is being stripped out when I enter it into the Text widget. What process (hoops) have to be jumped through in order to get using this code approved or working in the sidebar--Twylah offers the code quite freely under its resources page.
    Blog url:

  2. There are code restrictions for security reasons on this multiuser blogging platform. We cannot use JavaScript or iframe codes.
    Please read > vs The Differences

  3. So is it a better idea to subdomain the Twylah page?

  4. Hi Dionne! We are working on a WordPress plug-in that will allow you to pull in the Twylah widget directly from WordPress into your sidebar. We should have something within the next few weeks.

  5. We cannot use plugins here on

    Please read the link timethief provided above:

  6. ~~Tes
    Is kabaim Staff?

  7. oops! here's the missing s

  8. ~~no, his name is not familiar and his profile says he is 2 hours old. Plus the site linked to his name is blank. I was sort of thinking he might be from the Twylah folks, or a spammer. But it is possible he is a new staff person, just w/o the designation yet??? Or maybe he's staff logged in under a different account???

    At any rate, plugins are not allowed and the twylah code won't work here right now.

  9. ~~ Tess
    His username wasn't familiar to me either and the 2 hour old profile was strange given the comment he posted. I thought maybe you knew something I didn't ... lol :D

  10. Well, no. I don't get informed about any secrets of WP staff. LOL…

  11. ~~ ;) Do you know the secret to finding the link to the welcome video on the dashboard?

  12. Hi Tess and Timethief - nice to meet you! I am the founder of Twylah, and newer to WordPress.

    Thanks for your insights - seems like there might not be a solution for sites then, I take it?

  13. Ah, that was one of my guesses, that you are from Twylah! You could talk to staff about including the plugin as one of the "safe" plugins (well I'd guess it would become a widget here) which we could use here.
    from :

    Plugin Requests

    If there is a plugin that you feel is a must-have and would benefit users on, then please let us know using our contact form and we’ll consider it as inspiration for future features! Tell us what plugin you want, where it can be downloaded and most importantly, why you think it should be included on

    I'll modlook this thread and move it to the ideas forum. It's a weekend so be patient until a staff member sees it.

  14. Thanks Tess!

  15. In the mean time, why not use your free site to write up info about what your plugin does and why it would be useful here?

    Best wishes to you.

  16. If Twylah produces a feed, you can put that feed in the RSS widget or the Flickr widget, which displays images.

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