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Installing Widgets from a Blackberry

  1. poeticexecutioner

    Is it possible to install widgets somehow other than dragging them across to the sidebar? I maintain and run my blog from my BlackBerry Curve, but I'm not able to drag in any of the browsers (Bolt, Native or Opera). :/ what to do, what to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You may want to check with support. There may not be many people here managing their blogs via Blackberry.

  3. Yes, it's possible.

    Appearance > Widgets > Screen Options (upper right on your screen) > Enable accessibility mode

    Select which sidebar you want and then you can click on "add"

    Also note there's a dedicated team at the WordPress for BlackBerry forum here >

  4. poeticexecutioner

    @Arifsali - haha, I guess that's the unfortunate thing about living in a 3rd world country, Home internet is crazy expensive, but my Blackberry has saved me!

    @Timethief - Thanks mate, that worked like a bomb! Time for me to play around with widgets... I'll also be sure to check the Support page out. Thanks again

  5. You're welcome, and I in turn I thank Tess, who made me aware of this alternative to widget dragging and dropping.
    happy blogging. :)

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