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    Hi Guys,
    I started with my blog at and now i want to install wordpress on some webhosting website,so that i could install plugins and add users and all..Is there any other way to fulfill my purpose of plugins n all….If no plz let me know a good webhosting website that allows me space for installing wordpress and obviously gives me an option for creating a database….(for free of course,I wont be paying the amount for exploring wordpress)
    plz dont recommend,this is the worst webhost i have ever seen…..
    regards :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Instead of paying for hosting just so you can use plugins and add users (you can add users here for free) why don’t you tell us what you actually want to accomplish? There may be a way to do it here.

    Otherwise, all your questions have to be asked over at instead. Also, there are virtually no free hosts, and no good free hosts for independent WordPress.


    Moderator Emeritus has free hosting (and free blogging software with restrictions) has free blogging software, but you pay to host your site somewhere.

    Take a look at this before you decide which is best for your purposes:


    No, if you want plugins then you need to self-host a wordpress site on a third-party host such as godaddy, bluehost, etc.

    For some recommended hosting, see http://wordpress.ORG/hosting/

    Also, most web hosts offer a more or less on click install of wordpress through either simple scripts or fantastico, both available through the cPanel on the new site.

    As far as web hosting, I would stay light years away from free hosting services. You truly do get what you pay for and on a free host, you get virtually zero support and zero services. That means if you have a problem, it is all on you to figure out.

    I’ve used A Small Orange now for nearly 4 years and have been very happy with them. They have great technical support and if you do have an issue, they get on it right away.

    That said, I’ve also got clients on Host Gator, Blue Host, Siteground and Godaddy and for the most part all of them have been pretty good.



    Dear thesacredpath,

    I respect your ideas of staying away from free stuff an all but for a newbie i dont think a person should pay for just fun unless its a passion or future proffesion.I have been using byethost, a very good hosting website but unfortunately they are withdrawing every possible faccilities from the user.
    I simply want to use plugins.I hope you are actually understanding my need…



    I understand your need, but I will not recommend any free hosts. I’ve now moved over 20 clients off of free hosts because of poor service and their sites being offline all the time because the free web host does not make enough money to pay any tech support people.

    Besides, for self-hosted stuff you need to be over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ but do be prepared to get even stronger statements about NOT using free hosting.

    A small Orange has the Tiny shared hosting package at $25 per year. That is less than $2.10 per month (there is a setup fee though).

    Last comment (a repeat): You get what you pay for.

    If you just want to play, why not install WordPress.ORG software on your own home computer and play with it offline. You can tinker and break and install anything you want.

    Windows: WAMP
    Mac: MAMP

    Google the above terms to find where you can download them and how to install them.


    One other note: With free hosts, if you have something on your site go viral and get a lot of hits, they will shut you down. Forget all the BS about unlimited bandwidth, they will shut you down in less than a heartbeat.


    Just another comment: For years I hand coded my website with html, etc. Then I came across WordPress.ORG, and used that for a while, and it was great. But, I got tired of updating software and plugins all the time and keeping my database backed up. Then I found out that WordPress.COM does it all for me!

    Personally, there is nothing I need in a website or blog that WordPress.COM can’t do for me. The built in widgets do all the same things as the plugins I was using. I just pay a little extra for the “No-ads” and “Custom Design” upgrades and to use my own domain name.




    Hi thesacredpath,

    Thanks a lot for your exceptional help.

    and ofcourse the other webmasters for helping !!!!

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