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  1. I see in my profile there is space to enter IM id's, but after two years of blogging, I can see no place to use them, nor have i ever seen them used. Is there a current feature that uses IM, or is this a WordPress future feature?

  2. That's a great question Mikki. When a visitor clicks on an authors name in a post, we are taken to an address http://(your site) log in name)/

    From my site if you clicked on my name a visitor is taken to and some details about me and my recent posts are listed. However, doing the same thing at my other blog only displays my blog in its entirety and looks nothing like the author page of the dragon tail.

    I went to the dashboard and the manage pages menu, and though I have an "about" page for dragon tail, the about page is exactly what I created. A page about me. There is no "author" page to manage or edit. Because I do not have an "about" page for dragontail press in second life (dtpsl), could be the reason my profile does not come up when a visitor clicks on my name.

    As well as this, just as you said Mikki, my contact info for aim, yahoo, jabber/google talk, ID's dont show up in my profile page to the public, nor anywhere else for people to contact us, so I see no purpose or reason for having the edit fields in our profile to begin with.

  3. I'd also like to know why our log in name is given in the address link instead of the name we chose to display. This creates a serious security issue as it only leaves a hacker the password to crack when they are given our login name in the link address instead of a hacker having to need the login name and a password.

  4. Nevermind on the last point, its moot when our log-in name shows up everywhere we make a post on the forums lol.

  5. I'd also like to know why our log in name is given in the address link instead of the name we chose to display?

    just an excellent question, so far the best one I've ever seen here. (damn serious)

    my guess would be because "code is poetry" ;-)

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