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    Warning – “newbie” question:
    When installing the WordPress 2.2 software…where would I find MYSQL settings (database name, user, password, host, etc). I’ll be hosting via Webhero (does my hosting company/account have this info)..I’m a bit confused on this MYSQL stuff. Do I even need to intall any software? My WP blog seems to be working without (but i want to tweak the design, add plug-ins, an redirect/domain map, etc).
    Thanks in advance for the help.



    Please review the Please Read Me First before Posting sticky and then head over to teh correct site: Right now, you’re walking into a McDonalds and asking for a Pizza Hut Meat Lover. Stickies are usually there for a reason. ;)

    You actually should contact your webhost actually to find out how to create MySQL accounts. Every webhost is different.

    Good luck,

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