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Integrate separate blogs under one header

  1. Is there a way to integrate several blogs under one header? I have The Worst of Perth, but many people want to submit worst things from other countries. i originally thought I could use separate pages as miniblogs, but now don't think it is possible to post to separate pages. Can I integrate worst of perth, worst of Australia etc under one banner? I don't want to link out of it or have the new blog in blogroll. Any thoughts on how?

  2. you can't post to pages, but an alternative would be to update your pages instead. you could separate the 'posts' in your page by blockquoting them.

  3. Why don't you start a sort of "blog syndicate" with Worst Ofs for each continent or major city?

    You could also keep it all in one blog, but use different categories or tags for each location. Then, if someone is interested in only one, they can click on the category or tag link.

  4. Ok, i think i get that, so it would essentially be a long page of separately block quoted pictures. Would the comments "stick" to the right pictures though, or would that mean the comments would just be a long list?

  5. No, the comments go with the posts they're made on. They always stick. You just have to make sure to make separate posts for separate places.

  6. rainy c. I thought of that, but there is a categories widget problem which i don't think is resolved. i'd love to have to separate category widgets, one such as the current one - worst car, worst garden etc, and another to separate out the countries, Australia, usa etc but if I add a new categories widget, it just makes a copy of the first one, apart from the title.

  7. Yeah, but you don't need separate categories widgets. Just use one big one, with different categories in it. Some have parent categories with sub-categories, but I'm not sure how that works. Here's what I could find:

  8. The categories solution isn't going to work either guys. The readers strongly want to have things separate. Categories can be separated, but a new post would still come to the top of the main page. i want some way to make it possible for a new post to only show on it's own page but for all the comments and categories to remain global. Sulz, your solution comes closest. i can make faker posts, but as i thought, the comments are just one big set, and will not stay with each fake post. The fake posts won't have their own title either.

  9. I don't think you can do what you want with You might be able to do it with an independently-hosted WP install and some slick coding.

  10. You're looking at separate blogs then, or moving to a self-hosted solution using the sofware from and then hacking the php, html and CSS files for a theme to do what you want. Not something for those who do not have experience at it. There is a possibility there might be such a theme out there, but I've never seen one in my travels.

  11. Seems a bit complex for my skills. Thanks anyway guys.

  12. Sorry the answer couldn't be more what you wanted to hear, but you are welcome and happy blogging.

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