Integrating Hebrew (Arabic or other RTL languages) in an English blog

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    My blog is in English – but one page I wanted to create in Hebrew and also I want to allow Hebrew comments.
    However – any effort to combine a <div dir=rtl> (text) </div> command (or even a simple align), either in the posts edit page under the HTML tab or in the comments edit page (no HTML option) – failed.
    The strange thing is that I add the command, save and update, it doesn’t show a change, when I get back to editing the post or comment, the code (<div>) has disappeared.
    Can the solution lie with the CSS? But what can I do on CSS that won’t damage the whole blog (which is in English)?
    thanks for you suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is


    In the comments editor it doesn’t work. In the html post editor it should. (I’ve tried it in my tests blog, with the theme you’re using, and it does.) Are you sure you’re pasting it correctly? The rtl needs quotation marks, and they must be straight, not curly:
    <div style="text-align:justify;" dir="rtl" lang="he">TEXT_HERE</div>



    Hey! It worked!! Great! Many thanks! :-)



    Strangely enough – it stopped working and the Hebrew comment is on a LTR aligning again.
    You can see it here: – any thoughts?



    oops… I see you said it wont work for comments.
    So – WORDPRESS people, it’s up to you!

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