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  1. Why do world individuals,but not all,that are intelligent with degrees of education,give very little or no intelligent answers nor sound comments in what they say to account for intelligent people?

  2. habituatedbuddhist

    Excellent question, perhaps you should blog about it. I note you haven't updated your blog in 6 moths... this topic may be better introduced there and advertised here

  3. I will consider that as soon as i find out how to delete one and set up another.Removing one seem to be a problem.Thanks for you concern.

  4. @apostlejack7
    Don't waste any time looking for the instructions because deleting a blog is easy as pie. Once it's gone it's gone forever and the URL cannot be used by you or anyone else. See here >
    and here >

  5. Thanks for your help,timethief.You have again came to my dilemma of being lost in the jungle.But i am sure that in the future there will be more confusion for you to un-fuse.

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