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    I would like to ask for your help concerning making the post more functional.

    I was wondering whether it is possible to use CSS code (or perhaps something else) to create a post in which you would have hideable content which you could reveal by clicking Show More link and the rest of the post would appear instantly. Maybe there’s even a HTML command for that or some sort of script.

    Let me know what do you think. The reason for this sort of question is that I am writing a blog that is bi-lingual. It has Polish section and English section in one post. I was wondering if I could show only first fragments of each section to shorten the post on the main page.

    I’d appreciate any help or comment.


    The icon just to the right of the tree icon on the top row, of the task bar; when you’re writing an entry; is the Show More button.



    Thank you very much diamondfistwerny! I will try it out asap. Seems that some options are already in the system and I tried to make it more complicated.



    Ah well, is there a possibility that there could be two Show More tabs in one post? That would suit me more…



    That sounds like the page jump function. Check the FAQ on it.


    Speaking of the tree icon – what the heck happened to it? Just noticed it’s gone from the wysiwyg editor, and I’m not a fan of the new method of adding images. Argh.



    And no, you can’t have two More tags, but the Page Jump might work for you:



    You can also split your posts or pages into “pages” using Next Page

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