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    I’m currently putting together a website.

    Quite frankly, I’d love to have my blog hosted on my own server, but I’m on a budget, and I couldn’t afford a host which would support this type of service.

    Anyway, ideally, this is how I’d like my site to be setup:
    -People go to my domain name, which redirects them to my blog, hosted by wordpress.
    -They can read my blog, but then somewhere I’d want a fairly prominent link to my homepage, where they can browse other bits of random content.

    I’d like the link to be something more than just a text link on the sidebar. Ideally it would be some kind of graphic in the header.

    I’m really relatively new to this entire thing. Any ideas, and instructions on how to follow through with those ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.



    Specifically, I’d like information on changing the logo at the top to something I designed myself.

    Somehow also getting a link to my main site up there.





    If no one gets back to right away, it’s generally because this question has been answered ad nauseum in the forums.

    You cannot edit the template. Thus you cannot change the banner at the top and you cannot add a link to that banner. If you want to play up your own site a bit, you can add an image to the blogroll. But otherwise you cannot yet change the banner.




    I looked a little, but didn’t see any topics that immediately jummped out with my question, and didn’t see a search option…



    Yeah, the search option is cunningly hidden away for reasons which are unclear, but you will find a link to it in the FAQ.



    From memory (a faulty one at times) I think there is a theme or two that has an “about” section in the sidebar. Check and see.

    If there is you can write a short blurb in that “about” section including a link back to your main site that will show up in the sidebar.

    Wait… as I was about to hit send post the brain clicked in. The latest Hemingway theme (alpha?) has a function to change how, and what is displayed on the front page of the blog.

    You can use that to produce anything you need (images/text) to direct people back to your main site.



    The Hemingway theme will let you arrange the elements on it’s BOTTOM bar. It lets you use the bar as one column, 2 or 3 and place the “About” page, page lists, recent entries, categories, linkes, etc… in whichever column of the bottom bar you like. As marc suggests, you can use the About page to link or include whatever images you like on the bottom



    Actually, the Regulus 2.1.1 Theme allows you to use your own custom banner now!

    Just use an image host like Photobucket or Imageshack, upload your custom banner (something like 730x140px), the host provides the URL, go to the Presentation > Current Theme Options page, paste in the URL, and off you go!



    You could also have a static front page, where you could put anything you like (including links back to your main site).

    Then people could click-through also to read the blog entries. With a bit of work you could make it all tie in quite nicely if you wanted.

    If you don’t mind my asking what is your budget? There are some very cheap hosts that will provide enough for wordpress to run. For example, in the past I’ve used [Link removed – drmike] which charge £17.95/year.

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