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    For both the Custom Header AND the Featured Image on my Intergalactic 2 site (blog pages, specifically) I have uploaded an image that is ALL white (essentially, blank). Yet this is not showing at all and is instead automatically changing it to all gray. Is this because the post title is in white font? I cannot see how this can be changed.
    1. Can the font color of the post title be changed?
    2. Why is the theme not accepting my uploaded image that is all white?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The theme overlays all featured images on the front page with a dark grey filter. You can see this on the demo site if you compare the first post on the front page at with the image on the post itself at

    To prevent this from happening you can add custom CSS to override the theme’s existing CSS. This is also how you can change the color of specific elements on the page, like post titles.

    Adding custom CSS to your theme is possible in our Premium and Business Plans.


    Thank you for your reply. Super helpful!

    I’m wondering, then, why the image on the post itself is also gray? It seems (from your description and from what I see on the demo site) that the post itself should not have the gray filter present, only the front page.


    I can see that there are 2 private posts added to the site, but neither of them have an image attached.

    Could you let me know which post you’re seeing the grayed out image on? If you’ve already removed it, go ahead and add it back so we can investigate that for you. Thanks.

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