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    First — I saw this question asked in March but the moderator directed the questioner not to ask the same question twice — but it wasn’t a thread and i can’t find where this questoin was answered first. So, sorry but i must ask it again.

    I have a post and in that post i want to link to another post within my same blog.

    I know how to make a link — highlight, click link icon, then write the http URL. Yet I tried this.

    In Post #1, i highlighted and clicked the link icon, then I typed in Post #2’s URL as it appears in my blog’s address when Post #2 is onscreen.

    But when I save Post #1 and previewed it, or saved it and logged out and went to my blog without logging in (the way a visitor would) — in both instances, the link to Post #2 never gets saved in Post #1

    I can’t figure out why not?



    Please give us a link to your blog and the post where the link is supposed to appear.


    My blog link is

    The Category is called Travelogues Latin America & West Africa.

    The top post is called “The Travelogues”. Basically i created it as an index to the approximately 23 travelogures I wrote in the 1970s — so that the user doesn’t have to scroll down to find out which coutnries i wrote about.

    As you can see in The Travelogues it mentions all these countries. I want to make a link to each country. (Several coutnries have two or more travelogues but I can’t resolve that as I realize i can only have one link per country).

    In other words the reader can immediately go to any country listed in “TheTravelogues” becuaes they will all be linked.

    OK? Thank you for your hlep rosclarke.




    Okay, I see the post and I can’t see any links.

    I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working the way that you are doing it, but you could try using the html editor instead for that post. Insert this code for each country:

    <a href="URL OF THE LINKED POST">Country name</a>

    Incidentally, you mentioned wanting to be able to link to more than one post for some countries. There are two ways you could do that. You could include two links:

    <a href="URL OF FIRST POST">Mexico (i)</a>
    <a href="URL OF SECOND POST">Mexico (ii)</a>

    Or you could set up a category for each country and link to that:

    <a href="BLOG URL/category/Mexico">Mexico</a>


    oh, gosh, you were so quick to answer me — and above and beyond what i asked. so i’ll try it and see.

    I tried a link on Mexico and it didn’t work so i deleted the link and didn’t try to make links for th eother cuontries. but i will and will let you know the results. Thank you so much for your expeditious and helpful reply colleen

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