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Internal Revenue Service

  1. secondchancetolive

    Very interesting. That is what I thought when I check the location of one of my hits at Site Meter. I wonder why my site would be getting looked at by the IRS. Anyone have experience on this topic?

  2. I'm sorry to say I do not know what you are referring to. Could it be this thread?

  3. The poster had someone view his blog from a computer assigned to the IRS.

    I have a Disney IP hit mine on occasion.

  4. Guido Fawkes the UK political blogger actually posts lists of how many people from which government departments have hit his blog lately. Much fun watching the paranoid react to his latest posts.

    I have the Canadian equivalent of the IRS checking my blog every single day, AND the Headquarters of the Ontario Mental Health Association. Make of that what you will.

  5. You can tell who's looking at your blog?

  6. If you have the right software you can, an IP tracer along with a stats program that grabs the IPs. As I understand it, it's illegal in the US to share the results, though, so for instance I'm not allowed to post lists of all the computers that came to my blog. I used to do that, and they were very popular posts.

  7. secondchancetolive

    Thanks for you input and thoughts. You are right Dr.Mike. I check some of the details on Site Meter of who visits my blog that I were I found the hit from the IRS. Not too concerned, but was wondering if anyone else had the experience.

    Raincoaster, I am not sure what you are alluding to in your comment. I am having trouble reading between the lines.

    Chicablog...not all parties are identified, only their location and isp, but not more than that usually.

  8. Which comment is the one you're having troubles with? If it's the US privacy law comment, Dr Mike is a better source of information than I am; I am quite stunningly unfamiliar with US law and don't recognize the right to privacy as a fundamental human right anyway.

  9. secondchancetolive

    That is what I was curious about. Thanks for your time and willingness to share information with me. Have a great rest of your week!

  10. But what does the IRS have to do with SiteMeter? Is information being passed on to them? Or maybe you just have a loyal reader from their office. :)

  11. secondchancetolive

    I have introduced my site to various govt organizations, per my being a traumatic brain injury success story, but not to the IRS. I am not quite sure how the IRS found out about my site, other than someone else told them about my site and encouraged them to log on and read what I present. Go figure???

  12. This is what I'm thinking.
    The blogosphere is full of bloggers
    (1) claiming they made a million bucks on the internet and selling their services ie. instructing others how to make an income too through affiliate schemes;
    (2) selling goods and other services and making some income from doing so;
    (3) making income from advertising running on their blogs;
    (4) getting paid to blog, etc.
    Consequently, it's not surprising that the IRS or the equivalent of any other nation's taxation authorities are now paying their staff to find the income being made by bloggers so it can be taxed.

  13. Hmm, nothing interesting in my last 100.

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