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internal server error when posting comment

  1. hi, i'm not sure if anybody can help me with this. buti'm in desperate need of help!

    my friends are getting a http 500 internal server error message when posting a comment on my blog, which says that there is a problem with the page and cannot be reached. but i can post a comment on my own blog, and friends can still post comments on my OLD blog. just not this new blog.

    can someone pleaseeee help me with this?

  2. Where is the blog?

  3. sorry. the blog is my old blog is thanks.

  4. hi mark. both my friend and i are using internet explorer.

    another friend of mine using firefox is able to post comments tho.

  5. i tried using firefox as well. and posting a comment. as a third party. yupz it works. it's only when people use IE that they see the problem.

    can anyway help tell me if it's something wrong with our browser. or is there a problem with the blog itself? THANKS! :)

  6. I don't know if this is fixed or not, but I just left a comment which is currently awaiting moderation. I was logged in when I left it and I was using IE7.

  7. hi yupz i received your comment! thanks! :) i hope it was just a temporary problem.

  8. Glad it's sorted. :)

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