Internet Explorer & Sidebar Problems

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    When viewed through Safari or Mozilla, my site looks great. With Internet Explorer, however, the sidebar is found at the bottom of the page, other content is overlapping, and the site looks generally messy. Is this an issue on my end or with WordPress? Thanks!



    I’ve just looked at your site in IE6 and can’t see a problem. The two column sidebar is there just as it should be. Can you make sure your browser window is wide enough? When too thin the sidebar will drop off as you are seeing.

    Unless it’s a problem with IE for Mac of course, then I don’t know. ;)



    I don’t see any issue either with IE6.

    I will point out though that this is the theme with the missing datestamps when viewed with IE6 though and it appears to not have been fixed as I’m not seeing them.


    Thanks for the help!

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