Internet explorer does not allow drop down menu

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    I am finding that while the blog views well in firefox and chrome, internet explorer will not allow the drop down menu to become visible. If you hover the cursor over the main tab, nothing happens.

    This probably means that I will have to write out a text page giving hyperlinked headings but this is truly a bummer and should not be necessary! anybody else have the same problem with explorer?
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    Which version of Internet Explorer are you using?


    a couple of days ago I upgraded to explorer version 9. It didn’t work. When I hovered the cursor over the main button, the drop down menu appeared but was separated out from the top bar. It just seemed to float off slightly and when I moved the cursor away from the ‘parent’ button to click on a ‘child button’ the latter disappeared. i.e. you can see them but never get to them.

    I can send you a screenshot if that helps you understand…




    Thanks for updating us! Unfortunately, this appears to be a theme-specific bug regarding INove and Internet Explorer, specifically Internet Explorer 8.

    Our theme team is currently aware of this issue and working on fixing it. However, I cannot provide a timeline as to when this may be resolved.

    If there’s anything else I can do to help in the meantime, please let me know here or via

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