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Internet Explorer Font Size Issue

  1. With Support down for the weekend, it's an unfortunate time to remember this little problem.

    When viewed in internet explorer, my blog's homepage ( displays with a slowly growing font size (And the widget formatting is all out of whack too). The text just keeps getting bigger and bigger, for no apparent reason. It is fine within the individual posts themselves, but the homepage just isn't readable. Is there any way I can fix this?


  2. "Little problem"??? It renders your site completely unreadable in IE6.

    Here are some questions that might help us figure out what's going on:

    Have you tinkered with the CSS at all? Do you paste your blog posts from Word documents or from elsewhere on the Web? Has this always been this way on your blog? Do you type posts directly in the Write box, or do you use a blog service like blogdesk?

  3. Blog posts are usually pasted from Word, and it has been this way least a month ago, I'd say. I never use IE, and haven't had anyone complain about it, and since individual posts are fine some people might never see it.

  4. Bingo. There's your problem: Word.

    If you want your posts to be accessible in the world's most prevalent browser, you will have to go back and edit out all the extraneous tags that Word has put in there.

  5. While I shall learn my lesson on this front, why is it that it only affects the front page and not individual pages? And how are the widgets being thrown off by it? And why is the blog not centering on Widescreen Monitors?

    While I shall learn that lesson about the tagging, I have to think that there's something else in play here.

  6. Is there any way to fix this that doesn't involve the repair of a couple of hundred posts?

    I have the same problem, insofar as I never use IE, and just noticed this problem last night.

  7. There is really no way I know of to prevent this problem other than not pasting from Word, and there is no way I know of to fix this except to go back through them all and strip out the extraneous tags. You could TRY opening each post and using the Cleanup Code feature on the advanced toolbar (the last icon on the right in the Visual Editor) but otherwise, that's the only other possibility I can think of.

    I don't know why it works this way, I just know that it does. I would hypothesize that the tags left open affect everything after that tag, so that the more posts on a page, the more the "MAKE IT BIGGER" tag instruction gets implimented.

  8. Okay, so riddle me this: my front page is now composed of entirely posts without extraneous code that were all written either in the message box or posted via the "Paste from Word" thing. And yet my site is still screwy in IE. That doesn't seem right to me. Anyone know if it's wishful thinking to assume it would go away once the posts leave the front page?

  9. "Paste from Word" is exactly what the problem is, as I said early in this thread. Word is adding extraneous open tags to your posts, and as more get added the issue is becoming compounded.

  10. Agreed. Raincoaster has told it like it is.
    Why keep experiencing this problem when you do not have to?
    Give up WORD and instead get BlogDesk.
    It's free. It's easy to use.
    It's compatible with wordpress.
    And you can get it here

  11. Windows Live Writer is better than BlogDesk, looks better and is free aswell.

  12. OOPS! simultaneous typing
    @tiamatsdisciple :P
    a gates product better than an opensource product - sheesh - don't rile me.

  13. usually id agree with you, problem is though this IS the best off line editor at the moment. Even beats other paid projejects like BlogJet

  14. Windows Live Writer is better than BlogDesk, looks better and is free aswell.

    That's a matter of opinion actually. :)

    Although I've got to admit I'm not a big fan of blogdesk much more either...

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