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    greetings. I need help. I have been reading all I can in the forums but have not found an answer yet. My blow: utpabsm.wordpress displays properly on firefox but does not display correctly on IE. I have tried many computers with different versions and I get the same results. On the new version, my blog widget “vodpod” does not show at all. On older versions, my two right sidebars show only way at the bottom of the page. They are supposed to be on the right at the top. I have tried changing IE settings but to no avail. I have also tried re-doing the widgets with IE but no results there. Any thoughts on fixing this issue?
    Thanks a lot!



    Usually the reason widgets go to the bottom is that there is an image too wide. Most blog columns are 400-500 pixels wide, so make sure all your images are narrow enough.

    IE also displays things differently from Firefox, so it will never be identical in both. But the widgets should not fall to the bottom like that. Staff suggests you set the front page to display only one post at a time and click back one at a time to see which post is causing the problem.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks. I tried it but it did not work. I noticed that in the bottom left corner of my IE browser an icon appears saying “done but with errors on page” Does this mean that the reson I can’t see the videos on the widget is due to IE settings?



    IE also displays things differently from Firefox, so it will never be identical in both.

    This is certainly true in broad terms. But any half decent designer will soon iron out those inconsistencies by using a global reset among other things. To me visual inconsistencies rarely stay that way. They soon morph into OMG serious borkage and collapsing layouts. :)

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