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    Greetings . . .

    Within the past hour the following error box appears in my Internet Explorer (version 7) when opening pages on WordPress:

    “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site {…} Operation aborted”

    The Web page(s) load, the error box appears, I click “okay” – and then the page blanks to “page cannot be displayed”

    This error appears on all WordPress pages, including these Forums (I’m using Mozilla to post this message) and a brief search on Google suggested the problem/issue is due to faulty code

    Any suggestions or advice?

    Many thanks . . .


    The blog I need help with is



    I began experiencing the same problem about an hour and a half ago.

    I have no access to any functions using IE7. As for patrickobrien, the pages load, the error box appears and all operations are aborted.

    I also am here courtesy of Mozilla.



    same with me. Any up
    dates on this?



    Same here. It seems only to occur with pages and only when I’m logged in. Posting this via Chrome.


    Looking into it. We will post an update as soon as we can.



    I have the same problem… is so hurt because i can’t moderate my blog!



    We had a bug causing multiple problems. Should be fixed now.


    Thank you!



    I’ve given up trying to do any editing of my WordPress Blog with IE8. I’ve had one problem after another wih it (and some problems with IE7 too). I had previously reverted back to IE7 several times as a result of the barrage of problems with WordPress in IE8. I do now have IE8 intalled as my default browser but use Firefox just for any editing of my WordPress Blog. I got a basic version of Firefox (version 3.5 I think) which was free and took about 2 mins to download & intall. Problem solved !






    My problem is even weirder! I got a white bar on the bottom of the screen when working on my blog or on any wordpress page which expanded with every click on links. After 5 clicks, it covered 3/4 of the screen which I had to quit and reload only for it to happen again. Soon this spread to YouTube, Google, Yahoo and several other sites but not all sites. So I quit IE and am now using Chrome. Only today, I tried to work on my blog from my husband’s PC, I logged in and got the same expanding white bar eating up the working screen. Now my husband is upset because he has to change browsers (the white bar appear on several of his favourite sites) and he doesn’t want to. Could you please check this? Could it be a problem of the theme I’m using? (springloaded) And most importantly, were the two computers affected because I had logged in or are my readers risking getting the same reaction from IE? I wouldn’t want that! Thanks for your patience with my long message…

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