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    I’ve got my blog at looking much as I want it in Firefox, but in IE it can look horrible. The theme is three-column Sandbox, with minor adaptations.

    There are three main problems:

    1. The header image flickers when the mouse runs over it.
    2. The date line won’t get in line with the rst.
    3. On low-res IE screens, the sidebar does weird things.

    Are these problems soluble?
    I’d be grateful for any advice



    This might be useful : PC World article,124583-page,1/article.html
    And maybe this

    If these threads do not contain the answers you seek I apologize. What I do know is that our blogs display best in firefox browsers. There are known issues with IE and with Safari browsers in particluar that have been discussed on the forum so there will be threads to follow if you use the forum search box. And hopefully someone more “geeky” than I am will respond to you.


    Thanks for the suggestions, Timethief, but the suggested articles don’t solve the problems. I’ve been nosing around the forums but can’t find answers there, either. Does the silence from the more technical members of the community maybe shows that I’ve hit on some insoluble bugs in WordPress and/or Sandbox?

    It’s the dateline bug that really annoys me. I’ve used padding to narrow the central text column of Sandbox, to make it more reader-friendly. This means padding all the elements – no problem in Firefox. But in IE, everything lines up except the date.

    The favoured solution in the forums seems to be – use the Firefox browser. Well, I do – but a load of my readers probably don’t. They will tend to be literary types, probably not very techie, and happy to use the browser that came bundled with the machine. It’s a pity if WordPress can’t make the blogs look decent for them.



    Ahhh .. could it be that yours is actually a css customization topic that has been posted in the support forum in error. If so then those working on css customization topics may be overlooking it.



    Was this resolved ?!
    I tried looking ur blog thru IE and firefox and do not see any difference. (I used IE7) and its pretty much the same in both the browsers. The header took some time to load , but I really did not see any flickering when I moved the mouse over the image. Also the date line (if u were reffering to the date line below the post heading) seems to be fine.
    Did I overlook some thing !!!



    It looks fine to me also both in IE 6 and firefox.


    Right. I’ve now loaded IE7, and it looks fine to me, too. So I’m all right, and it’s just the old-fashioned folks who aren’t getting the best picture. Ah well…

    Thanks to those who took a look for me and reported all well. I suspect you’re not running an old IE on a low-res screen, like I saw on a university system last week…



    IE 6 has lots of issues with displaying. Want to do some interesting things to your blog in IE? Put an image or a full word of text that is too wide in your sidebar. KABOOM.



    I am told there are some problems with my blog in IE 6.0 for Windows XP. Someone using it at work said the comments links and other links are “busted”.

    I managed to clean my site up alright in IE5 for Mac at home, although background images still won’t show up.

    Could someone else with IE6 for Windows confirm if the links are okay and if the page displays at least generally okay?

    Thanks very much.



    One of the problems with this type of issue is that many of the people best qualified to help have uninstalled IE long ago and can’t see the problem. I know that doesn’t help much.



    I’m running IE6 on an ancient machine and your layout and links are fine for me. Very clean, nice design.

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