Internet explorer vs firefox

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    my weblog looks different when I use a different browser. I myself always use firefox but most people that read my blog use internet explorer. The thing is that sometimes things like font sizes show completely different when using internet explorer.

    If you look at my site with internet explorer now you can see that there are these grey squares around the little clock and the ‘edit post’ pencil. I don’t have that using fire fox. But does anyone know who I could get rid of those grey squares. I don’t mind that much but it’s ugly. And why does my site show differently when I use another browser?

    oh and sometimes my site is down….I have no idea why, probably my host. Lycos sucks…



    Hi ohmarissa,

    These forums are for blogs hosted on . The forums for WordPress hosted elsewhere are at .

    It is a bit confusing, to appreciate the difference check out

    Thank you,

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