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Into photography?

  1. Then take a peek at my blog!

    Heyes Photo

    I've been blogging for a couple of months now and I really like it - but I'm only getting a trickle of readers... Somebody suggested it was probably simply because I wasn't actively promoting my blog and that I should make a post in the showcase forum - so here it is!

    The blog doesn't focus on a particular photography niche... because neither do I. I like a bit of everything! I would best describe the content as magazine style - a little bit of eveything - and I will sometimes source from other sites but the vast majority of the posts are original content and of course the pictures are all mine (unless specifically stated!)

    Here are a couple of recent posts:

    Macro Photography: First Attempt with Kenko Extension Tubes

    A few more macro shots from the weekend...

    Wintry Photo Walk

    The macro stuff seems to be relatively popular so if you like what you see, subscribe and say hello!

    Thanks for reading =)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome to the forums. A great collection of photographs you have there.

  3. Hi, and thanks for the follow! You have a great blog too. :)

  4. im a writer, but im interested in photography as well. i enjoyed stopping by your blog! thanks for sharing... btw, they are right. a little promotion is quite rewarding, plus you find great blogs to follow. :)

  5. Hi ladyyt - thanks for you comment (and on the blog!)

    That gallery only had 3 or 4 views before I posted it on here believe it or not. I figured I was doing something wrong. Not that I'm obsessive over hits it's just nice to know your content is getting looked at.

    I guess I should be a bit more intelligent with my time - instead of spending an hour on my post and two minutes 'liking' other posts I should maybe spend 40 minutes on my own and 20 minutes commenting on other blogs. :)

  6. You should also try exploring and commenting on other photography blogs to help get in touch with like-minded readers. You have great pictures, so maybe you'll be Freshly Pressed soon since they almost always pick at least one photography blog. Good luck!

  7. Wow, Freshly Pressed... high praise indeed... although I've been working on the assumption that it will never happen!

    I checked out your blog and you have a new follower - the cartoons are cute and made me laugh :)

  8. Wow, these photos are truly BREATHTAKING!
    I am a WordPress photographer too, but man, you've inspired me!!
    I am definitely following. Feel free to check out my photography blog sometime.

  9. Never say never! It does happen. Happened to me a while back.

  10. @aacohen97 - thanks! There are a lot of photo bloggers out there miles better than I am, but I've come quite a long way in a short amount of time so I'm quite satisfied with my photography at the moment. Still room for improvement, though! I will be posting "help" articles fairly regularly so maybe you'll find those useful. I've followed your blog, too.

    @noirciplume - I suppose you're right. I wouldn't say no to a nice shot in the arm like that!

    It's been worth my while posting this thread. I get about 30% of my traffic from this topic alone and lots more comments which is really great and I appreciate it.

  11. A couple of recent popular posts:

    Make, don't take

    iPhone 100 #1

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