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  1. theitalianbunnyreport

    I think adding Disqus to the plugins would help blog followers to feel more involved. It shows how many comments you've written on that blog, if anyone answered back (blogger or other follower), if it's been rated top comment, etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I disagree but wish you well.

  3. theitalianbunnyreport

    More than half the blogs I follow have this plugin and they all seem to be doing well. I aim to make my blog as popular as theirs.. I'm just speaking out of personal experience. It's something good and it's popular.

  4. Best wishes to you but I don't need and don't want Disqus.

  5. theitalianbunnyreport

    ^_^ you don't *have* to have it if you don't want it, you know XD

  6. Not a bad idea actually

  7. theitalianbunnyreport

    Thank you :3

  8. I have put the same idea forward. :)



  10. theitalianbunnyreport

    @raincoaster.. I see what you did there :D hahahaha funny :)

  11. SHOUTING! is never funny. Dealing with adults who behave like toddlers SCREAMING as they throw tantrums tempts me to kick them all through the goal posts if cyber-reality so they know how stupid they truly look.

  12. theitalianbunnyreport

    Yes, I understand.. I just thought it was funny how raincoaster answered.. not helping his case.. upper case.. LOL :)
    No worries, if someone doesn't want it!

  13. raincoaster is always funny when chooses to be and when she does not choose to be funny - look out! lol :D

  14. theitalianbunnyreport

    ^_^ noted!

  15. When raincoaster does not choose to be funny I make popcorn and pour a glass of Cabernet or Merlot. LOL :D

    I'm also and edgy and over-educated Canadian woman with a feisty attitude. I used to excel in sarcasm but it doesn't come across well online. I am always tempted to join the fray and have to mutter my mantra to myself - walk away - walk away - just get up and walk away ... ;)

  16. and edgy = an edgy
    (suffering from eye strain - sorry)

  17. Wait, wasn't it INTERNATIONAL CAPSLOCK DAY on Tuesday? I think it was, but now it's over and we missed it (thank goodness!).

    As far as plugins, if you upgrade to Enterprise @ US$500/month or VIP @ US$3,750/month, you've got LiveFyre or IntenseDebate, but still no Discus.

    Self-hosted WordPress installs cost a lot less than that and you can use whatever plugins you wish.

    tt-I've got a Gewurztraminer here just begging to be shared.

  18. jj
    I've only tried Gewurztraminer once and I recall it was a fine white wine though a little sweet for me. What I found intriguing was the fragrances I smelled when I closed my eyes. I'm no officiando of wines so I hope I am recalling the correct one and not embarrassing myself. Off to search ...

  19. Entirely correct, tt. We finished the bottle we brought home from our Alsace wine route trip in August and just picked up another from a monastery vineyard near Jerusalem. It is sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Off to share a glass with hubby and to settle into this much needed weekend. Cheers!

  20. theitalianbunnyreport

    Has anyone ever tried Inferi an Italian wine from the wine cooperative Marramiero? :) I promise it will give you weak knees after the first glass.

  21. Doesn't anyone like Cherry Ripple any more? :)

  22. No, I'm not keen to have a Disqus widget. Not everyone likes Disqus: it's another friggin' thing that new Disqus users have to create a profile, another password.

    I actually don't care that Disqus carries forward a pile of comments where you have commented across diverse blogs etc. and it tends to be more public to the rest of the world.

    I still want to remain some degree of my ie. work professional life when I comment on work-related blogs and websites. If people don't quite understand this basic concept, then think about if your Facebook profile and comments is acceptable to employers. If it is, that's great and Disqus is ok with you.

  23. theitalianbunnyreport

    @maidiebike I understand what you mean :) I am not in your same position, therefore I still think it would be something I'd use. Surely if someone doesn't want to use Disqus they can?

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