Introduce Unique IP Visits to Stats

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    Kia Ora,

    I have searched to make sure I wasn’t ‘doubling up’ with this request but couldn’t find anything (though there probably have been requests before me!). I love the WP stats and the only thing missing are tracking the unique IP’s to get a more accurate view of visitors, returning visitors etc.

    Do you think we will ever have this on WP hosted sites?

    <3 WordPress.

    Melody @

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok I have just seen that back in June of last year I asked exactly the same question – I had totally forgotten and see the replies from other members.

    Not sure how you close a topic, but if a mod’ could do that for me. Awesome!


    Instead of closing it, let’s just reference the old thread. If you’re thinking of it again, maybe someone else is too.

    In software development, you can never say with 100% certainly that something won’t change. ;) But I can tell you that there aren’t any planned updates to show IP addresses in stats.



    Yes, I absoultely LOVE the stats, but it would be great if there was some way to know how many of those were unique visitors.


    I’d have to agree that it would be nice to be able to see unique visitors in the .COM stats, say within a 24 hour period.

    I will offer though that you can always get the HTML only version of sitemeter or statcounter and they will both give you uniques.



    Thirded. Or is that twelfthed? I have sitemeter and statcounter, but it seems silly to drive us to those when itself almost certainly does get this information, but simply chooses not to pass it along to us.



    I’m weighing in on this also. Like raincoaster I am getting the information from running third party stats programs. Why is this? If does have the information on unique visitors then why isn’t it being made available to us.


    Yeah, I don’t see a need to have IP addresses, but I know they have that information, and I know that they could give us uniques, and even give us a list of where the visitors are coming from by country or region. I have that with AWStats on my hosting package.



    Third party stats are not necessarily the solution for everyone. If your blog gets high visibility, than those third party “free” services are not worth much. Either they’d give you limited log space or they’ll run Ads, again, not suitable for everyone equally.

    Pardon me for comparing, but pretty much all other competitive platforms are providing Google Analytics (Tumblr, TypePad, Blogspot).



    Huh? I have a Tumblr and it comes with NO stats. Whatever stats you get, you have to get from an external stats program.



    Tumblr lets you plug in your G-Analytics code. I saw it recently. Typepad microblog (free) comes with its own stats plus you can add Google.



    See, external stats. Sooner or later now that isn’t using GA, someone’s going to figure out a way to add it to blogs. It may have to wait till Google changes some things, but it’ll happen.

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