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  1. Hello, I m new.

  2. Me too. :)

  3. Hello, just for future reference, this type of thread is best put in the off-topic forum rather than in the main support forum.

  4. Welcome! to WordPress guys. :)

  5. ???? i don;t even know how to choose the off-topic forum? Please help me

  6. It's in the left column in the main forum page.

  7. Oooo... I see, Man i seriously need a lot of help here.

  8. priuk, give it time. You haven't really arrived 'til you get told off by raincoaster. :-)

  9. who is raincoaster?

  10. What is Google? ;-)

  11. hahahahahhaha,.. are you asking me to google raincoaster? anyway, nice to meet you. I am mostly writing about food, check it out if you are interested. BTW i m from Indonesia

  12. i'm new to wordpress as well, at first i didn't like it. but now i feel like it's a nice way to stay anonymous and spill your thoughts at the same time.

  13. Hello Dear Blogers.....

    A self taught Artist and Calligrapher.
    Love to do manual and digital calligraphy,
    Also some painting and drawing in different mediums mostly oil and watercolor some pen and ink.
    And………want to develop contacts with more talented and skilled persons.....^_^

  14. @priuk - yes. Raincoaster is an active volunteer here. Have fun with your foodie blog! I look forward to delicious recipes from your home country.

  15. For all the Newbies here is some helpful links


    FAQ « This link will become your best friend here at wordpress,

    New “Sticky Post” Feature Added To

    How to link your name to your blog

    Protect Your Blog with SSL FAQ Screencasts

    Press This Bookmarklet

    Default Avatar Options - Identicons

    New themes

    DePo Masthead Theme Launch

    Albeo Theme Launch

    April Wrap-up and Monotone Photoblogger Theme

    These links should catch you up on the new things added to wordpress as well as
    help you out with becoming familiar with the platform...

    Enjoy & Welcome To WordPress,


  16. Thanks for all the support. I will post some recipe in later time.

    Any Indonesian here?

  17. There is Indonesians here but you would have better luck finding them in
    the Indonesian forum of wordpress, WordPress offers many languages
    for there forums.

  18. Here is the Indonesian forum link

  19. But still, priuk, you can always play in this forum whenever you like. Bring your friends, panci, wajan, dandang, and kompor. Hahahaha...

  20. Hello, I'm Airtia (not my real name of course, but a pen name). I like to write and started using WordPress earlier this year as a place where I can write out my thoughts and feelings about the things going on in my life. Mother of two, mother having cancer.. yeah a lot going on.

  21. Hi ya'll, I'm a newbie needs sum huggie!

  22. Allow myself to introduce myself! :)

  23. fyrste, u must tawk lyke tarzan if u won two kno mee.

  24. Hi all I'm new,

  25. Hey guys, started my blog a few days ago after deciding Blogger wasn't exactly fantastic. Not sure anybody's reading but it's nice to have a creative outlet all the same!

  26. Hello I'm kinda new on the Internet! :)

  27. Hi, I'm not new. :)

  28. Hello, nice to meet you all

  29. This is my first time posting in WP's forum.

    Honestly, I didn't know there is a forum community here. *eyes widen*

    So please be lenient with me~!

    * A Devil May Cry, The GazettE and BLEACH fan! *

  30. Hello, my name's Caroline and I'm pretty new around here :) . Actually, this is my first post on the WordPress forum. It's pointless checking my blog, 'cause it's all written in Romanian, although I reckon I will post something in English one day. Yep, as you might have realized by now, I'm from Romania but I would love to chat with you guys :) .

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