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  1. hey there!
    im new and so far im enjoying writing a blog.
    check it out if you want.
    i try to make it interesting :)

  2. Hello to everyone...I'm Doug and very new to this site. I'm just trying it out. I'm in the Army stationed in Kansas. I don't want to be here but I'm making the most of things here. Take care everyone....

  3. midtwentiesennui


    I started my blog about a month ago. I've written about newlywed life, navigating my career path, photography, music, and fashion. So far I'm getting a big kick out of blogging. Check it out if you're interested. Constructive feedback welcome:

  4. Ciao! I am a Stanford University student who like to compose poetry in my free time. has a few of my recent poetry.

  5. Hello! Hope it is a blessing to you.

  6. I'm new here to my blog is at

    I make visual novels that I plan to post in my blog

  7. It's a riveting drama! hehe

  8. spaztikhamster



    How you all doing? First time posting in the forums, so~
    Hello, hello, hellooooo to all you people from around the world~! :DDDD

  9. Hello everyone! It is so nice to meet you all!

    We are a husband and wife team of Artists from Ocala, Fl. My husband is a professional Fine Artist working in oil paints mostly, and I am a poet and multi media artist. I just started my blog about a week ago to compliment my Etsy Shoppe, however, that has taken a back seat to what is now the main drive in my life... MY BLOG! To celebrate all of this we decided to start a poetry contest and give away literally hundreds of dollars in prizes including custom and free paintings. And then, because so many people mentioned that it might have been a good idea, we decided to launch another one, this time for children, and worth over $300 in prizes. I'm not kidding! I guess you could call us "Rainbow People" because money and things don't actually mean anything to us. Its all about the people and the experiences, and I guess that's what this whole thing turns out to really be about.

    I hope you will all come by and join us for some good poetry, conversation and beautiful Daily Featured Flickr and Etsy Artist Reviews. I usually post about 2-3 times per day, so there is always something new.

    Take care!

    Peace + Love

    Rachael and Jake Ehrlund

  10. Hi to the newest wp'ers. I am not on the forums as much as I would like but I try to get by here on a weekly basis. Will be interesting to check out the newest blogs.

  11. hey (:
    i'm new; thought i might try it out.
    this is my first post ...
    my blogs not particularly interesting yet but you just wait ;]
    check it out if you like, just let me know!

  12. Hello! I'm a newbie from AOL..they are shutting down their blogs. I run a big General Hospital website ( and this is the sister blog:
    I have a lot of readers and they are LOVING word press. I'm excited to be part on of the community!

  13. Hello

  14. Hi!
    I'm new...I posted my first blog today!
    I was using blogger....but I couldn't get the theme I liked, and then my computer froze...and then the CSS and HTML wouldn't work...
    I like a lot though, it's a lot better!

    Look at my blog?
    It's not too good. Kind of dark...but that's just because its the first post and that's how I am. :)

  15. womanofsubstance

    Heylo. A newbie to But a regular writer, blogger et al, otherwise. From India. Trying out a diary type blog this time.

  16. hmmm. i am anna. mmmh

  17. Hi My Name is Sofie (from Philippines) and I am a blogger since 2004 and mostly I blog about my observations in my life adventures! it's more subjective and wishing someday it will be something good to look back as part of my legacy! I have decided to extend my blogsites and I am new here!

    hope you'll learn a thing or two or just simply enjoy reading it as I enjoyed preparing it!

  18. creationsbylea

    Hi. I'm new to wordpress. I've haven't blogged much in the past. I am shamelessly promoting my small crafting business - creationsbylea on Go to if you are interested in peeking at the items I have for sale.

    I am a wife and mother and we have a golden retriever and a few freshwater fish. I live in Minnesota. I'm enjoying the fall colors right now, but I'm not looking forward to the cold temps. that will come. Other hobbies include walking, golfing, reading, movies, the game Farkle (if you haven't tried it, I recommend it), cooking, crossword puzzles, and being with friends and family.

    Now you know more than you ever wanted to about me :)

  19. Ello! [=
    Newbie Right Heree!
    Just Started Like Two Days Ago.
    Been Looking At Peoples Blog Thingie & Am Like O.O
    Yeah, Mines Pretty Plain Compared. Heh.
    Anyway, Check Out My Blogs If You Want. Their Not Very Interesting But HEY!.. I Really Dont Know What They "HEY" Is For. >.< My Blogs Are Memememememe. Woo.

  20. @ all the newbies Please consider linking your name to your blog

  21. Hey! I'm new to blogging. Nice to meet you.

  22. sometimes is better to see the world as like it is, no?

  23. hi

  24. I'm new too.I just started my novel several days ago.Nice to meet you all.Hopefully you'll pay me a visit and give me some advice.

  25. I'm new! :) I just started my blog on wordpress today. I had tried it on other sites but had so many issues with them that I didn't feel it would work out once I spread the word about it. Anyway, I'm going to be blogging about books and the literary world, with a little of my own life experiences thrown in for some flavor. I'm very excited about it!

  26. I am siezy, an artist/musician, currently logging a transition into a new start in life. Read more about me on my page if you'd like. :)

  27. Hello, I am new here. I started about a week ago. I blog about the digital mandalas I make. I also have a blog that is just pictures of mandalas.

    I also have a digital art blog. It is part instruction and part show and tell. I am just learing and I post things as I learn them.

  28. Hi, I'm kinda new...

    Just a writer and frustrated with aspects of life! lol

    Name's Marie in California. :)

  29. Hello. I'm new.
    I just needed a place to bitch.

  30. Hey, my name is Michel, and I must say, for a beginner blogger, I'm doing pretty well. 2 for 2. Just joined. Haven't missed a day. Check it out. They're not too long or short, just the right amount with pictures, cause wtf, who likes to read things with no pictures. eeeh.

    Give me some input. Let me know how to work this.

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