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  1. Guten Tag! I'm Inge. I started a journal type blog but am going to start taking my newest novel off the paper and ink and sticking the good parts on my blog.PS if u r looking for my blog search scotgirl13. Heads up my novel hasn't been posted yet and don't even ask for the whole thing it's about the size of The Count of Monte Cristo + 225 pages oh and it doesn't have a title yet so any suggestions would be helpful.Writerdood everyone needs a place to bitch.

  2. I'm a noob!
    And now, I've said it proud and loud.

    Peace and love people, peace

  3. Unhappy Camper here, and I am homeless and unhappy.

  4. legionarionconquistad0r7

    Heyo! New here as well.

  5. Hi, I am new. My name is Stacey.

  6. New here.

    Love it. Hate it. Hack it and destroy it. It's up to you. = )


  7. Hello. I am also new here. I haven't written anything on my blog yet, but I will shortly. And you will read it...right?

  8. Of course we'll read it. Just need a link.


    I just started writing. I will try to write something new every day. Thanks for looking.

  10. Sorry. here is the correct one.

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