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    As you may have seen on the news blog, we turned on slideshows today.

    Here’s a brief intro to how it works:

    When editing a post or page, add images using the Media button as you normally would. When you’re done uploading images, click over to the Gallery tab in the Media pop-up (you may have to press “Save Changes” at the bottom to get the tab to show up). At the bottom of that gallery screen, you’ll see a button for inserting the slideshow. Click the button to insert the shortcode.

    If you’d rather do it manually, then the shortcode:


    will drop the slideshow into your post. It will automatically use all images that are attached to the post.

    Go nuts! Use it to give your visitors a neat way to experience the photos you’ve added to your posts. If you have any suggestions for the feature, you can either leave them in this thread or send us a Support request. If you’re experiencing trouble with the slideshow shortcode, we definitely want to know, so send us a Support request on that, too.



    I tried it using exising images from the mediathek, but it didn’t work well.
    Maybe I simply don’t know, how to correctly add images from the mediathek to a gallery in a page?

    Another point:
    Is it possible to adjust the update timer of the slide show?


    PS: In my blog I am integrating Picasa albums with their slideshow feature. The WordPress features of the mediathek did not please me up to now. It is not very intuitive, how references from mediathek files to single images and galleries work..



    Is it possible to customize the slideshow (e.g. background colour) with parameters in the [slideshow] tag?





    I’m experiencing many problems with the Slideshow Shortcode. Slowness in the blog, sticking scrolling, some of my pictures have even shown up in the header, and sometimes the slideshow doesn’t show up at all, just a black line. I love this feature and wish you could make it glitch free. I may have to just go to the other slideshow options from Rock You and Slideshare, which I have not tried yet since this new feature seems so easy to use.





    Thanks for the report! I’ll pass that along and we’ll take a look at it.




    The slideshow shortcode uses the images that are attached to the post – each image can only be attached to one post. If you’ve previously used an image in a Gallery for another post, you’ll need to re-upload it.

    Also @dar0nn:

    There are currently no parameters used with the slideshow shortcode, but future updates will include additional settings you can control. We wanted to get the basic functionality in your hands as quickly as possible because we think this is awesome. :)



    @livevitale Can you send in a support ticket or post a url to your problem? Thanks!



    Slideshow’s working well, thanks!

    What’s the easiest way to center the slideshow in a post? I tried a table but it didn’t work.



    Scratch that, table worked fine:

    <table border="0">
    <td align="center">[slideshow]</td>



    i’m using firefox on a mac using system 10.4.11. The media dropdown on my blog’s dashboard doesn’t have a gallery tab…in the above explanation, you write, “(you may have to press “Save Changes” at the bottom to get the tab to show up),” but there isn’t a “save changes” at the bottom of the tab either.

    hm. i suppose i’m missing something pretty basic. any help?




    When you uploaded the images to your post, had you already entered text into the title or post area, or had you saved a draft?

    It’s a known limitation (currently) of the Gallery system that if you upload the images before the post has been saved, they won’t attach to the post properly.



    Slide show is a fantastic feature for WordPress. It is now working very good. However, I have a question concerning the affect it has on the pictures uploaded. As of now, many of my pictures show up in Google search and I receive many views from these searches. If I convert these pictures now to a slideshow, will the pictures lose the Google juice?


    the slideshow features are great! thanks,
    one minor adjustment that i would like to suggest is the design, as it didn’t fit to the blog design using white background.
    please enhance more features in to it, thanks



    @andreassiagian As mentioned above this initial launch was to get the feature out there so you could start using it.

    We plan to add more customization options soon.



    thanx the slideshow working great :)

    But it seems that people can’t no longer ‘save as’ my pictures…will that be a problem is google search?



    Thanks for the slideshow function! I have some problems though, in Firefox 3.6.3 the images are placed outside the actual slideshow container, at the top of the page. i think it’s only a problem when you have more that one slideshow at the same time visible. When I go to a specific post it works fine.



    @marpan Thanks for your report, I’ve sent you some more information via our support system to help us troubleshoot this layout isse. I’d ask that you follow up with us there, thanks!


    Does this work for Photobucket too yet please?


    If so where do I put my information for Photobucket into that link bit please? I so desperately want my PB slide show to be involved :(



    …getting it into a widgit would be great.

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