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Introducing the Slideshow Shortcode

  1. Has anyone figured out how to centre the slideshow? Also, does the slideshow automatically wrap around images of the same dimensions? I see that you get the letterbox effect when non "standard" images are used.

  2. Hi!
    Slideshow is working on my blog but the photos are out of the slideshow frame. The portrait pics are way too big and they cover some of my text above the slideshow. The landscape pictures are aligned to the right of the slideshow frame.
    Any advice?

  3. My problem is fixed after I resized my portrait styled pics.

  4. Having the same problem as Marpan;
    I have some problems though, in Firefox 3.6.3 the images are placed outside the actual slideshow container, at the top of the page. i think it's only a problem when you have more that one slideshow at the same time visible. When I go to a specific post it works fine.

    Anyone whos knows a way around this ?

  5. proodeutikitoumpas

    same problem with marpan and fabrikoren. Any news on that?

  6. We are aware of some intermittent issues with the slideshow when viewing with Firefox, and are working hard on a fix. We'll post an update soon—thanks for your patience.

  7. proodeutikitoumpas

    And some more ideas about this great and usefull feature.
    I think its important to have the choice to clik on the images in the slideshow, and be redirected at least to each image file url.
    Of course customization, colours, speed, size.
    I'm sure you are all ready aware of issues like the ones above. Cant wait to see your new miracle!

  8. Slide show is great. It is great for photo story telling. I used it in my last blog entry, I like it so much I would like to use it more on my pages. I can not seem to figure out how to use more than one slide show on a page. Is it possible? Also can the start of the slide be controlled by the viewer? Keep up the good work.

    George Frantti

  9. I have the same problem as some others. My pictures keep ending up outside of the slideshow, mostly on the header covering newes posts! Can someone tell me how this can be fixed?? I'm using firefox. has the problem got something to do with that?

  10. The feature works great for me! It saves me so much trouble uploading to slideshow or rockyou. It will great if there are more features like different effect styles and timing to adjust. Hope to hear more updates. Cheers!

  11. @sandraduong
    Yes, it seems to be firefox 3.6.3.related This happen when you hade more than one slide show. So far no help from the WP staff, but thay are working on it.

  12. Nice and I really was waiting 4 a such wonderful feature, thx - Just a little question :
    I've bought the custom CSS feature and slightly modified the container width of my INove theme ( 936pix to 985pix ) and unfortunately, the slideshow doesn't automatically adjusts its dimensions to fit my blog’s theme and it also happen when I try to post the slideshow in a page without sidebar.

    The slideshow doesn't seem to adjust its dimentions on modified blogs.
    Is there any solution to manually adjust the slideshow please ? thx

  13. Slideshow feature is an excellent addition. I first followed the instructions posted in Noel's blog, and even as a real newbie I had no problem loading the photos. I would like to add captions. I have read all the edit links in the support system pages and can't find an answer. When I click on page > edit > visual all I see in the box is: [slideshow]. No links to individual photos, no way to click on "show". I know this is still a work in progress. Shall I wait for upgrades?

  14. @draconline When you are editing a post or page look for the "Add an Image" icon found within your visual editor. Click the "Gallery" link, then look for the "Show" link for each image. Clicking "Show" will reveal the image properties editor, where you can change the caption.

    We have a great tutorial with visual examples here:

  15. Lance - Thank you so much! I read the tutorial page 3 or 4 times (prior to your post) but I just didn't get it. Your explanation enabled me to get to the correct window.

  16. Ah, but then I mucked it up again. I added a caption and went below where I clicked "insert in to post". Now I have one stationary image above the slideshow. Don't want it there at all. I tried returning to the image edit window, removing the caption, then I returned to the "edit page", clicked on publish - thinking I might get the stationary photo now without the caption, but the caption is still there. That photo remains as part of the slideshow with a caption. If, in the image edit window, I click on the delete button, will the picture and caption be removed from the slideshow AND the page? I want it to remain in the slideshow but want to remove it from the page as a still.
    At the same time - if I want to change the caption, can you tell me how to do that?

  17. Love the slide show, but PLEASE add an include/exclude feature. This is my biggest gripe with this feature and the gallery. I know you addressed this above, just adding my vote.

  18. @lance

    Any news about the slideshow problems with firefox (version3.6.3)?
    Is the question alive or buried?

  19. Thanks for the slideshow. Include/exclude works well with the galleries (although it can be tricky to find out ID numbers), so please implement the same commands for slideshow.

  20. parkmaitlandschool

    @lance. I am having th same issues as @marpan where the slideshow does not work well in Firefox 3.6.3, which is what my boss uses! Yikes! Can you send me the same issue to help correct the layout issue of the slideshow for my mac users who have trouble viewing it correctly? Thanks!

  21. Having the same issues as @marpan - also in Safari and IE. It's really bad, cause I love the slideshow feature and want to use it more often.

    Any news about that?

  22. Can one use some coding statements to exclude certain photos from gallery for using the SLIDESHOW code feature?

    I noticed the Gallery shortcode allows coding statement to exclude certain photos.
    I am using the Slideshow short code now...even though it's repeating some same static photos on the same posting.



  23. ^ No. Not yet. I tried it. Include/Exclude—you have to know the ID-number of each photo, what can be a bit tricky with dozens of photos—works in galleries but not in slideshows. I hope that they implement it (or something similar) soon for slideshows.

    Otherwise I can tell that slideshow works very well here. Even with Mobile Safari (iDevices), and with mobile AND classic layout or blogs! :)

    Sorry for those with problems.

  24. Slideshow doesn't work with the very new app "Opera Mini for iPhones" I just wanted to add but that seems to be Opera's problem with it's server-side rendering proxy browsing technique.

  25. We're aware of the Firefox 3.6 issue and are working on a fix.

  26. @rossau

    More than a few things on will not work with Opera Mini due to the method by which it renders pages.

  27. i'm new here so didnt realize the slideshow was a new feature--i LOVE it!! i had the same question about excluding pictures from the slideshow, but i think i'll get past it for now by dividing my content and creating 2 separate entry pages...this may or may not work, not sure, just a thought.

    looking forward to the evolving!!

  28. I really like the slideshow and I'm eagerly waiting for additional features controllable by options to the shortcode. I'd like to see parameters controlling the frame appearance, the duration of each picture, wether captions are shown, etc.

    For instance:

    [slideshow frame=off duration=3 captions=off]

    [slideshow frame=rounded framecolor=transparent duration=4]

    [slideshow frame=pointed framecolor=blue captions=off]

  29. While I'm at it: It would be very desirable to exclude images attached to an article from the gallery/slideshow. E.g. by marking an image with "exclude" in the galley view of the media selector to an article.

  30. I'm interesting the slideshow a new feature

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