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    @sharon The images must be uploaded to your blog


    sarasossa, ok, but one of the images I got from Photobucket is a candle that has it candle flickering – which is probably its main attraction, would I still be able to upload that with it flickering still do you think?

    Also i have just learnt that there is an embedded code for that slideshow…can you tell me how to insert that or where the embed button is on my link as I cant find it :(




    You can insert the slideshow by using the shortcode:


    It will use all images currently attached to the post. slideshows cannot currently be embedded on other Web sites.


    Ok, but sorry with me being new , I dont understand how to do it….what do I do put Shortcode in like you have put above THEN the slide link?

    No I what I want is my photobucket slide to be INSERTED in word press?



    I love this new feature. I hope, in the future, I will be able to exclude some pics that appear elsewhere in the blogpost, however.

    Thank you so much!




    Pretty cool feature!

    I have a quick question, though – is there a way to select from the gallery which photos you want to include (or exclude) from the show? I was hoping that I could make the slideshow with photos that are not already in the body of the post, but apparently that’s not possible. Or at least, I cannot quite figure it out.




    @sharon – you’ll have to download/save the image from Photobucket, then create your post, and upload the image to that post, then insert it into a slideshow. I’m not sure if the flickering would be supported – give it a try in any case!

    @sallybr ( ewigginton – Ryan mentioned above that at the beginning there won’t be any controls, but perhaps in the future you will be able to choose/exclude photos for the slideshow.


    @sararosso….ok…sounds complicated, though may not be! :P Will try it, but the added flickering gives it a wonderful effect :)




    just recently joined the wordpress world
    love the slideshow feature
    at first i had a gallery inserted into a post and then i hit slideshow
    at first i didn’t want both gallery and slideshow in the post but now i think it’s a plus
    visitors can watch the pics via slideshow without clicking on each individual pic
    and if they wish to view a picture itself they can go to the gallery

    learning something new everyday . . .



    I am having the same problem as some people above. My slideshow won’t move. It stays stuck on the first photo. Sometimes, if I’m lucky it goes to photo number two. The first time I tried it, my photos show up in the header. I would really like to use this if I can get it to work.



    Has anyone figured out how to centre the slideshow? Also, does the slideshow automatically wrap around images of the same dimensions? I see that you get the letterbox effect when non “standard” images are used.



    Slideshow is working on my blog but the photos are out of the slideshow frame. The portrait pics are way too big and they cover some of my text above the slideshow. The landscape pictures are aligned to the right of the slideshow frame.
    Any advice?



    My problem is fixed after I resized my portrait styled pics.



    Having the same problem as Marpan;
    I have some problems though, in Firefox 3.6.3 the images are placed outside the actual slideshow container, at the top of the page. i think it’s only a problem when you have more that one slideshow at the same time visible. When I go to a specific post it works fine.

    Anyone whos knows a way around this ?


    same problem with marpan and fabrikoren. Any news on that?



    We are aware of some intermittent issues with the slideshow when viewing with Firefox, and are working hard on a fix. We’ll post an update soon—thanks for your patience.


    And some more ideas about this great and usefull feature.
    I think its important to have the choice to clik on the images in the slideshow, and be redirected at least to each image file url.
    Of course customization, colours, speed, size.
    I’m sure you are all ready aware of issues like the ones above. Cant wait to see your new miracle!



    Slide show is great. It is great for photo story telling. I used it in my last blog entry, I like it so much I would like to use it more on my pages. I can not seem to figure out how to use more than one slide show on a page. Is it possible? Also can the start of the slide be controlled by the viewer? Keep up the good work.

    George Frantti



    I have the same problem as some others. My pictures keep ending up outside of the slideshow, mostly on the header covering newes posts! Can someone tell me how this can be fixed?? I’m using firefox. has the problem got something to do with that?



    The feature works great for me! It saves me so much trouble uploading to slideshow or rockyou. It will great if there are more features like different effect styles and timing to adjust. Hope to hear more updates. Cheers!

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