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  1. thehappysnapper

    Hi folks, don't know whether its the done thing but just thought I'd introduce myself and my blog as I've just moved in over here from multiply, my blogs just a general blog, bit of a diary, bit about my hobbies, photography, following Wigan Warriors rugby team, a little (bad) poetry by me, some posts about my learning about Buddhist philosophy (just started), a rant here a ramble there, the odd serious post about something that causes a ripple in my subconcious, my bird table and I will also be posting about my tortoises as well, who knows what else might turn up.

    This is the link -

    36 posts so far, some bought in from previous blog but the latest ones are new to here only.

    Would love for some of you other folk to pop over and take a look.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A coupla tips, but 1st let me say your photos are wonderful.
    1.We don't shout at WP by leaving caps on
    2.There are threads specifically for noobies to INTRODUCE themselves and also to promote blogs and new posts.
    3. Hi welcome you've got a reasonably happy mug
    4.What are you ex-cop or ex-reverendo? [could be geography teacher]

  3. thehappysnapper

    Hi and thanks for taking a look and for your kind comment regarding my photos, now for your questions.

    1 - Sorry if I've shouted somewhere, it was I assure you unintenional.

    2 - Again sorry about that one, didn't realise.

    3 - I'm glad you approve :-)

    4 - I'm not an ex-cop, ex-reverend nor a geography teacher lol, I'm a planner in a shipyard.

    I've just had a quick glance at your page, chock full of lots of interesting looking stuff, I look forward to exploring it further.

  4. Hehe

  5. welcome happy ^_^

  6. thehappysnapper

    Thanks douglaskev, very nice of you

  7. wot's going on here the Kevin appreciation society? "oh hello, my name's Kevin" "oh really? my name's Kevin too" "well I'm pleased to meet you Kevin"...."and me you er Kevin"...."uh did you know there is another Kevin on forums, Kevin?"...""really? I'm so glad you told me Kevin...I will look out for er um Kevin." lovely name innit? :o

  8. thehappysnapper

    Lol, ah Susanne it does seem a little bit that way doesn't it, think maybe I ought to start a "Kevin Club" ;-)

  9. Hello.

  10. thehappysnapper

    Hi there Janine, thanks for popping by.

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