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    I dont want an introductin to be moved from first page whenever i post another post. I want the fist post to be posted at first (only the first one as an introduction to the blog). How do i do that?



    Then you have a few options.

    1) make the introduction a static page on its own, and go into Options–>Reading and set that as the start page for your blog; this will slaughter your SEO, though
    2) change the datestamp every single time you make a post so that this introduction always appears to be newer. This is a total pain in the ass.
    3) just put an introduction in a text widget and put that in the sidebar.



    This is my opinion (from RC’s post)
    1) Yeah Ive experienced it before (This is recommended)
    -Read this if your gonna do that:
    -A sample:
    2) Oh yes it will be a very pain in the ass (not recommended)
    3) This may work but the post would not have full attention to people but it saves from risking from losing the SEO (Recommended)

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