Intrusive 'email subscription' window appearing on Ipad

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    Today on checking my friend’s blog (which I am subscribed to already and have been for several years) a black window appears in the top right hand corner of the iPad asking me to sign up for email subscription to it. There is no little ‘x’ to close this window with, nor any visible way to make it go away as far as I can see.

    If this is going to appear now for every blog that I read sometimes on the iPad instead of my desktop I will give up using the Ipad to catch up with my blog reading. Is this something new? I haven’t had it appear before.

    Generally the iPad interface isn’t a good one. The WordPress App is OK as far as it goes, but it is not of any use for reading other blogs on, only for working on your own. Some blogs overspill the pages, commenting is difficult and sometimes freezes and the colour scheme with the dark black and all those complicated things when you try and leave a comment, using whichever social networking thingy you are logged into, is utterly confusing on a little Ipad.

    The blog I need help with is


    This is likely something you will have to take up with staff since they are the only ones that can fix it, and I don’t have an iPad (need to get one) so I can’t even verify what yoiu are seeing.

    I’ll flag this thread for staff attention and also have it moved over to the “themes” forum where the theme team will see it.


    What you saw is a new option we’re testing. I’ll forward your feedback about how it looks on an iPad.



    I have a related question about this new feature. I have NOT enabled subscriptions on my blogs and I will not be doing so. I use Feedburner and I will not be changing that. Will this new feature appear on my blogs? Because if it does when clicked it will not provide a means of subscribing by use of subscriptions. Consequently, I am requesting that there be an option provided to opt out of having it appear on my blogs.



    I have uploaded an example of what I saw the other day when trying to read comments on the ipad. It doesn’t look good does it?

    Here is the email subscription thing popping up on a blog I already subscribe too. No way to close it or get it to go away. Hope this illustrates some of the problems.

    kind regards, Zebathome

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