Inuit Featured Images Not Appearing – Was Working

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    I am also having the same issue.

    To add to it, when I checked “Single Post Featured Image”, the featured images did show up in the individual post, just not on the front page.



    Yes, we’re having the same issue with our structure themed site ( At first I thought it was because we recently changed our domain name registrar. But name servers are all correct as before.

    Image size seems to have no effect. I suspect it’s a wordpress issue and I hope they are on it.

    Will be keeping on eye on this thread for any updates. Please share any developments.


    Yes! I am not going crazy.

    My featured images are showing up on two pages of six. But the featured images are showing up as downloaded in the post page for all and are sized correctly.

    Please keep me posted on any developments. I’m launching my new blog on Halloween and don’t know what else to do. Argh!


    BTW, I forgot to say that I’m using the Chateau theme…If that makes a difference. Thanx!


    @sfoswald & addresshouseofcorrections: Answered here:
    Please don’t post the same question twice.



    I followed the 594×250 pixels instruction for one-column featured posts for the Intuit Types post, still not showing at the front page.


    @mingsiu37: As I said in other related threads, this change is very new and I guess they’re still working on it. At the moment, properly sized featured images don’t work in Inuit Types for 1-column featured posts, but they do for 2-column posts.


    In the meantime I found that although 1-column featured images display at a width of 594px, they have to be 600px wide to show up.



    Last night I switched from Inuit Types to The Morning After (before learning I could deal with the issue by resizing to 600 pixels wide) and I am happy with the look of that theme. If anyone else is considering this, feel free to take a look at:

    With many similar features, the change was pretty quick.



    Have you noticed the theme that panaghiotisadam is using is The Morning After theme? See this article > A Guide to The Morning After



    I use Inuit Type as well and my featured images on the home page stopped showing up just days ago. Anyone know if WordPress is fixing this common problem?


    The first four posts used to have featured images in them. If you drill into the posts the featured images show up, just not on the home page….



    They won’t show because they’re 594px wide and they need to be 600px wide (or more).

    This is what Staff have said:

    Hello all. First of all, apologies for the issues you are having. We have indeed made a change to the way cropped featured images work on

    I’m not even going to question why is has been working this entire time at the image size I had set and now it doesn’

    Actually, that has been a long time standing bug with the way we processed images. This has been fixed now. Previously, images that were smaller than what a theme specifies as the size for a featured image would be upscaled and distorted. This should never happen by default.

    The side effect is that some of you may have grown used to this behavior. For that, I apologize.

    Images that are equal, or bigger than what a theme requires, should still work exactly as before, cropped when needed.

    We are checking your reports for possible misses, but, please, if you have a case where a featured image that is bigger than the dimensions a theme specifies is still showing problems, let us know. Thanks.



    @timethief and @panaghiotisadam Thank you so much!! Both of you have been so helpful!!

    I’ve read that post, and feedbacked as below –

    Can’t agree more that this is maddening!
    I always have this thing to get the standardized formats, which of course include SIZES!!
    I’m a beginner here, so have started with everything clean and straight and … According to the “Guidelines”!! Which part I’m not reading/ following right?!
    A freaky 594 width for 1 column… And now they are deciding overnight to do the “right thing”. Ha.

    Should I be glad that I only have 14 posts so far? So only have to redo 14 images?!?

    By the way, Panos, thanks for looking into this.



    You’re welcome from me.



    @timethief and @panaghiotisadam I second that – Thanks as well! I’ve gone back and resized all of my featured images to make up the extra 4 pixels and now they work. Frustrating that it all happened this way from WordPress but at least there’s a solution :)



    I’m glad to hear you have resized your featured images and they are displaying properly now. Best wishes with your blog. :)



    Thanks for the referral to check out another “The Morning After” blog. I always like to see how others are making use of a theme.


    hi i am new here, about the theme.. how can i manage to resize it.. i dont know if i did the right thing to resize the images when i edited it.. coz it still doesnt show




    how can i manage to resize it

    Here are links to free image editing software >

    For the Inuit Types theme the featured image dimensions are:
    One-column featured posts: width 600 pixels [*], maximum height 250 pixels.
    Two-column featured posts: width 278 pixels, maximum height 150 pixels.
    Regular posts: maximum 90×75 pixels.
    [*] Although 594 pixels will show up: the remaining 3+3 pixels are hidden.

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