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Inuit Text Size/Font

  1. brokenbelievers

    I love this new theme! Excellent.
    I'm a bit frustrated that the new text box comes only with a default, fixed font. It is just to big and strikes me as not proportional to the blog. I would like to see a 25% reduction. That would be great!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can over-ride the font size in the introduction box it by simply coding the size you want into the HTML editor. See >

    You can also place an image int the Introduction box and make it 594 pixels wide and what ever height you want to create a header.

  3. 610, not 594.

  4. Okay but 594 works for me. :)

  5. Sure it does, as long as the image is centered (like you've done). I'm suggesting 610 because that's the exact width of the title area and the divider lines highlighting the Front Page Intro. 594 is the so-called "Full-size" option for posts or pages.

    Alternative: you can write width="100%" in the image code and don't bother with the actual size at all (but creating an image in the proper dimensions and inserting it in real size will give you better quality, as you know).

  6. pornstarbabylon

    I LOVE this theme and have already changed it to it. This is what I've been wanting! Something similiar to the Gawker template. I hate the pages on the very top instead of a widget & also how we can't go directly to a comment from our comment widget or dashboard & no custom header. But beggars can't be choosers but this theme rawks!

    (((cyber hugz)))

  7. @pornstarbabylon
    I too lovethe Inuit Types theme too. I'm getting away from the hbig geader image look to a more professional look and I like most of the theme features.

    However, do note that Hanni has confirmed that the new wordpress default theme called 2010 will soon be available at It does have the large header you want and many other features that are cool as well.
    Check it out here >

  8. I've been able to place some images up to 620 pixels wide and they seem to fit perfectly. However, some (not all) images appear with a black border and when the size is 620 or 610, the black border does not appear on the right edge. In that case, a smaller size between 594 and 600 or so seems to work and the border appears all around. I've had to play with the width depending upon the images, but I save the image widget for each image I like so I can just use it whenever I wish with the right size already set.

    Any suggestions for removing the black border?

  9. Great !

  10. @Sandra
    When the images is linked the black border appears.

  11. @playl3oii
    If you are referring to the new default them "2010" then I agree. :)

  12. Thanks for the glimpse ahead with 2010 Time Thief. I can see I will already feel drawn in that direction too. I like all the white space. But like you, I like being able to use a smaller header - more elegant and more professional look. And I like so many features of the Inuit Types theme.

  13. @Sandra
    You're welcome. Although I do like "2010" I may stick with Inuit Types.

    If you look at my "header" image you will see it has no black border. This is because I did not link it. It's my habit to remove the first part of the code up to <img on images that I do not link to any page or site. All those images in my blog lack the black border you refer to above.

  14. Got it! Black border gone!

  15. Ta da! :)

  16. Although OT- I've been waiting impatiently for a few months now for 2010 to be available on COM so I can switch my primary blog. Good news, indeed!

  17. pornstarbabylon

    Hmmm, no the 2010 doesn't seem right for me. I love the magazine look of Inuit which is what I had been wanting for so long. I always wanted something like the Gawker template. If I new anything about CSS and if I could control myself and not change it every week, I would purchase the CSS upgrade.

    I can live with the pages on top instead of the widget. Just wish if we click a comment link, that it went directly to the exact comment. But hey, I have my magazine look finally!

  18. @pornstarbabylon
    What do you think of the new theme "Under the Influence"? It has the most numerous customizable options I have ever seen in a blog. Check it out. :)

  19. pornstarbabylon

    No, I just previewed it and didn't like it. Inuit is the first theme in all of the available themes that I loved. So I'm sticking with it.

    Now if there was a theme that had two visible updated pages on the main page updated daily, I would love that. Like I would want two main categories. The main page is split into these two, let's say A and B. A and B are two completely different pages and the updates can be seen on the main page and would be updated daily/weekly. Hard to explain. But two functioning different websites but both their updates are visible on the main page.

  20. Inuit is the first theme in all of the available themes that I loved. So I'm sticking with it.

    Me too. However, your suggestion above about the split pages and columns would not be what I want on my blog. I like it theme the way it is now.

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