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    I would like to know what are the recommended pixel dimensions for feature images when used in the following formats respectively:

    A. One Column Feature Posts
    B. Two Column Feature Posts

    Note option B happens automatically when you select to display 2 “Featured post entries” without the “One column Feature Post” option selected.

    Thank you kindly.

    The blog I need help with is


    By the way the blog URL is:


    A. 594×250
    B. 278×150

    Images higher and/or wider than that are cropped, images lower and/or narrower than that are distorted.


    Dear Panaghiotisadam

    Thank you for your reply. I am using A spec’s which seems to be better, but I am wondering now if there isn’t another distortion created now on the small auto thumbnails for the summary posts on the top page.

    Any advise for this issue. I have not corrected all the images, only the 3 most recent post.

    Thank you


    You’re welcome. For “featured images” in normal posts, the images you create need to be 90×75.



    I love the new Intuit Types Themes, but I find the language that describes the theme options is confusing. Featured post entries, featured post, feature image, normal post, single post feature image!!!!! We almost need a glossary. I may write a post on this at some point to at least document my understanding, as basic as it may be.



    I cordially invite you to create such a post and would be pleased to publish it as a guest post on my blog.



    Thanks, that is an awesome invitation and I am very appreciative. Panos has beat me to the punch though, lucidly explaining all of the above in his most recent entry called Featured posts/images in Inuit Types
    April 26, 2010

    except for Single Post Feature Image (unless he’s answer my question in the meantime :-) )



    Thanks again. Is it possible to select the img used for the thumbnail to avoid the clipping which happens automatically. Have read through other posts as well as the link mentioned above by @sandrapawula can can’t see an easy obvious solution that does not involve making changes to the CSS.



    As of today, May 4th, the Featured Image thumbnail in your post clicks through to the full size image if you have enabled the “Single Post Featured Image” option under Appearance>>Theme Options

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