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    Thank you so much. I appreciate this as it was crazymaking. :)


    Wow, my blog is cool now! Thank you Lance & staff!

    (( hugz ))



    I knew you would be ** happy dancing *** too.:)


    I was so happy i finally had a magazine theme. Then the horror set in when we couldn’t land on the exact comment. I was already looking for new themes. What if someone had hundreds of comments? Well obviously not me but someone might. I have a handful of posts where battles were waged in and have dozens to a few hundred comments. It would be a maze going through all those comments.



    I was doing exactly the same thing – looking for another theme, again. But I’m not now. :)


    Since there’s an open discussion now about this theme, here are a few more things I’ve found.

    I’ll link to timethief’s blog because everyone would prefer that over mine. lol But yeah, back to comments. How do we use that new blockquote feature? Someone emailed me about it the other day and I was stumped too but didn’t have time yet to investigate:

    And is there a way to have a permalink for each individual comment? Like maybe put the permalink on the date stamp. Some of the themes have them I believe.

    Oh, and every link being a different color or bolder in some way. From links in posts to links attached to a person’s username when they comment. But every link.

    But I have my comment linking fixed and am happy with just that. Later. *waves*



    You could still link directly to a comment (example) but that would required you to go through the source and find the comment ID so that you could add it to the URL. Just FYI.



    I was offline a few hours..and the world has changed fro the better here in blog theme land! YAY!
    Thank you theme team…and thank you all especially @timethief for you immense knowledge and support.

    @arifsali- thank you for the info about burning the comment feed. But i think i will go with the regular feed here on and see how that works with me for a bit…Thanks again. I see you have a blog about blogging too…hmm…I have got to check it out.

    Am off to dabble into my comments now… :toodles…

    Also THeme Team….please still look in to the colors of the links in Inuit types…..a change would be good…



    Oh, is there a way to get rid of the pages at the very top and have the pages as a widget? It looks messy on top and never centered. Looks cleaner in a widget.

    **runs and hides**



    j’utilise le theme Inuit mais je n’arrive pas à obtenir les images miniatures de mes articles. Seul le texte apparait mais pas di’mage. je ne comprends pas pourquoi


    Does anyone know how to fix the blockquote in commenting? Would I have to buy the CSS? Why is the code different now when it’s the same universally everywhere else on other blogging platforms and on other themes? It’s usually the word blockquote with either the ( ) or [ ] . But it’s all different now.

    But I just had to go back to an old comment to read again and found all the quotes are now gone and it’s one big wall of text that looks like the same from one person instead of many different quotes.

    You can see the new blockquote code on this post on Timethief’s blog at the bottom.



    Zeenatsyal wrote: “Do people actually subscribe to the comment feed? You know..when people subscribe to our feedburner feed..we get the info..but when people subscribe to our comments, can we get that info too here in i.e….in the settings etc… ”

    Lorna responds:
    I do not like making the Comments into a feed. I prefer to have an RSS only for my Posts. Never comments. I’m not recommending anything — just sharing my personal preference.




    Zeenat has not posted to this thread since May 21, 2010, 6:57 PM. At that time she was having a diaolog with me about RSS feed.

    Do you have a specific issue pertaining to a blog of your own wearing the Inuit Types theme?


    My header image is gone. It was lilies in a black and white background. I went into the dashboard and checked the Front Page Intro widget and it was empty. I had the Image widget in there with the link to the pictures but the widget is no longer in the Front Page Intro widget. I just checked that Image widget and the link isn’t there and that widget is empty too.


    @pornstarbabylon: Go to Appearance>Widgets, scroll down and see if the Image widget is in the “Inactive Widgets” module. If so, drag it back to the FPI module. If not, you’ll have to redo the thing.



    AARRGGHH! I see what you mean. I cannot even open the Front Page Intro widget any more. What the heck happened? I think Staff maybe messing around with this and I sure as heck hope they do not remove the ability to enter images into that widget. Please report this weirdness to them.



    I cannot even open the Front Page Intro widget today at all.


    I don’t know: in my dashboard everything works as expected.


    Did you try the “accessibility mode” too?

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