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Inuit Types: changing the style of links within a post

  1. I'm hoping to change from underlined links to colored links in my posts only. I have figured out how to change all links, including headers, and I do not want to change those. I have tried some coding suggestions from other threads with no success.

    I have a CSS Upgrade. My blog is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Neither of the 2 Volunteers who help with CSS are on the board the weekend and I don't expect to see them until later on in the week.

  3. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. Add this to your CSS:

    .entry a {

    346ba4 is the blue you get when you hover over a link. But you'll probably need a different hue. Pallettes here:

  6. Thank you!

    That is one of the codes I tried already -- no luck.

  7. Did you actually try to copy-paste the above code? Try it please so I can see what will happen to your CSS. ( At the moment your CSS includes the theme's original command only, i.e. this: .entry a {text-decoration:underline} )

  8. Yes I pasted it in and took a look. The post links were still underlined and not colored. I can paste it in again.

  9. Ok, I tried it again and it worked! I must have made a mistake somehow on my previous attempt.

    Thank you kindly!

  10. You're welcome!
    (You had either made a typo or something, or you looked at a cached version of your page. Happened to me too just now that I visited your blog again to check: got the old look the first time, the orange look the second time.)

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