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    When trying to change my username from “haifarugby1” to “haifarugby” i’m getting the following error message:
    “Sorry, that username already exists.”
    I think i might have opened that account a while back, but forgot the password.
    When trying to use the “forgot password” and entering “haifarugby” as username i’m getting:
    “ERROR: Invalid username or e-mail.”
    what do i do?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s actually not a username, but a blog name:

    User names and blog names cannot be cross-duplicated, so the name haifarugby is unavailable as a user name, because it is taken as a blog name.



    Thank you for the reply,
    That’s actually my blog, I changed the default name not to have the “1” at the end. Is there any way to be able to log in as “haifarugby”?



    Unfortunately, no. Now that the user name has been taken by a blog, it can’t be used as a user name.


    I am trying to log in to my blogs on another computer using the username and password that I thought were correct. I am being told that my username is not recognized. How can I find out what usernamemis recognized? I can get onto my dashboard etc on my iPad but not on another PC.



    @lindatrip2011: Your question is off-topic (it’s about passwords, yes, but not the same question as the previous user).

    For the sake of organization, please start a separate topic and we’ll take it from there:

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