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invalid key

  1. Hi , I have just changed my domain and am having many problems. The latest being that when I post my post they just don't publish , instead I get an almost bland screen with 'invalid key' on it. Also I cannot edit my posts from my new url.

  2. Well, I can see three posts from today, including two tests.

    What software (browser) are you using?

    How old is the domain?

    Have you tried clearing your local cache etc?

  3. /nod to cornell

    @ sillyoldtwit
    These are "invalid key" references from forum search box.
    Perhaps they will be helpful. Do any of them describe your situation?

  4. I'm using internet explorer. I got my new domain yesterday. Just dropping 'wordpress'
    But I cannot see any of my post. I just keep getting a blank screen with 'invalid key'
    I'm running xp. When I changed over yesterday it seemed to be fine and I did manage to
    have one post published but since then ???? How do I clear my local cache.?

  5. In Internet Explorer? Um...

    Tools, Internet Options, Clear History, Clear Cookies.

    I think. I refuse to open IE on my machines!

    Good luck.

  6. I prefered the IE6 interface for clearing the cache and cookies, the one for IE7 is a bit....meh though i'll never give up IE :)

  7. Thank you all. I've cleared history etc but nothing happened. I'll just have to start a new blog. I like the wordpress style but would rather pay for a blog. Can anyone recomend a blog hoster similiar to wordpress where you can pay a fee and have all this stuff taken care of.

  8. There isnt one really. You need to sign up with a regular hosting company and then install the software. Sever companies offer the software as an automated install, but after that your on your own. seems to be a good place to start, $6 a month. Another would be GoDady with is $3 a month. I've heard good and bad about both, though more bad about GoDaddy lately. A friend of mine has a blog with GoDaddy and he swears by them, so all you can do is look around.

  9. Thank you all for your help. I only have my wordpress blog for less about a month but It was starting to turn up on the first pages of google and I was begining to get a reasonable number of visitors , in fact by my standards , quite a lot and yesterday was the best day I have had so you can imagine how frustrating it is to be locket out at this point. And now if I have to start over again I will have lost my name which I'm quite fond of. I've searched everything to do with invalid keys on google but no real help there. So if anyone out there has ANY idea's as to what I might do !!! I'm getting desperate and in fact spent about 12 hours at my laptop yesterday and have been glued to it since I woke this am.......

  10. Contact staff directly, using your Feedback form. We've done all we can at this point and maybe they can get in there and help you out before all is lost.

  11. Thank you all again.
    I have just installed Firefox and lo and behold It's working!!!!! So thank you all again. I do appreciate your help. I alway said you people were wonderful (he he he).

  12. That's awesome! Great to hear all is well again.

  13. Why don't we just send in a afeedback and see if there's an issue on the backend? That would be best and should have been suggested from the beginning.

    Especially since we've not seen this error before here in the forums with blogs hosted here at

  14. I didn't suggest feedback as when I went to the user's blog I could see three new posts. This would suggest to me that it was a local problem, not a .com. That's why I suggested what I did.

  15. The poster has another thread where they had an issue with the domain mapping program./

    I'm still trying to figure out where the API error would be coming from.

  16. the "invalid key" issue happens to me on Opera when I go to any WP dot com account that is using the domain upgrade. I upgraded today and now am unable to view my blog and be logged in at the same time.

  17. I randomly get into the same issue on mapped domain blogs.

    the remedy is to turn off Javascript, there's some error on the backend which causes endless "invalid key" JS redirects.

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