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Invalid Key after viewing RSS article

  1. I have an RSS feed on my blog and when I click on the articles, then hit the back button to go back to my blog, I will sometimes get the dreaded "invalid key" screen. This has happened for a long time but I just haven't gotten around to asking if there is something I can do about it.


  2. Haven't seen that one before? What does it look like specifically? What is the exact error? What is the URL of the page exactly when it happens?


  3. Trent, thanks for the reply. It is just a blank, white screen that says, Invalid key.

    If you go to my blog,, and click on an article in the best of the best RSS box on the right, then click the back button to return to my blog after reading the article on a different website, it will often happen.

    It does not happen every time, but most. I am using IE7.

  4. Sorry, forgot to answer all of your questions. The url is different each time, but here are a couple of samples when it does it:

    What I normally do is just shut down IE and start it back up to be able to view my blog again.

  5. You don't have some kind of crazy cookie settings with your browser do you? It would seem that you are not caching anything, but making the browser reload everytime you hit a page. I would see if it continues throughout the weekend, but if it keeps happening and changing the caching options doesn't work for you, then maybe report it to staff with as much information as possible including the information you gave above on Monday when they open up.

    Hope it doesn't keep doing it or that someone else who has experienced this has more to add for you!


  6. It has stopped happening, so maybe they made a tweak. Resolved!

  7. YAY! for staff. :)

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