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Invalid Key error when trying to reset the password

  1. infamousvioletrose

    When I try to reset the password on my main account (inspiredbyhistory), the reset form tells me that I have entered an "invalid key" once I have an approved password. I'm not sure what is going on, but it is very frustrating. How can I reset my password successfully?

    The blog address in question is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the same for me, I asked earlier today. No news as of yet, let me know how you get on. The account I have an issue with in

  3. Having exactly the same problem and would love to know how to resolve this! Blog is


  4. I am having the same problem. I logged out and tried to log back in and it kept saying my password was wrong. I went to reset it and I got the e-mail and everything. It said the password could be saved, but then I clicked reset and it said there is an invalid key. I had to create a completely different wordpress account just to type this question in here. So the blog that I am trying to log back into is

    I just opened this blog yesterday. Please help me log back in!

  5. The main thread for this issue is at and it would be a good thing if we kept all bloggers with the same issue posting into that thread so no one falls through the cracks.

  6. We are having issues with our password reset tool at the moment. Our developers are looking into it now and we hope it is resolved very soon. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your patience as we work on this issue.

    Please keep an eye on the thread timethief noted for updates.

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