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invalid key for


    when i visit this blog, the url in the address bar changes into

    and also the message "invalid key" shows up.

    any idea why it is happening? also i wonder if anybody else has this problem while trying to visit that blog.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Hey sanjida, I'm not having any problems with it; I go straight through to the front page. I have no idea what's doing it, but sometimes there's an issue with domain mapped blogs and javascript which stops people from accessing them properly. If it keeps happening it might be worth sending an email to staff just to see if anything on the backend might be causing it.

    These threads seems like a similar problem.

  3. hi cj!

    i checked a similar thread about ichc b4 dropping a line. i was just wondering if only i was affected with the particular blog in question.

    it's one of my commenter's blog and i want to comment back. but i guess i will have to get used to being an anti-social element for the timebeing!

    thanks for your response! hmmm, it means you are writing again! so you see, writer's block is no problem! ;)

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