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invalid key when going to my blog?

  1. im having a problem seeing my blog, i get the white backround with 'invalid key' on the top left.

    this is what i get:

    any help would be appreciated.

  2. Not sure what the problem is, but the same thing is happening to me, so it might be an issue inside of wordpress and not with any individual blog. This is what I get, which is the exact same thing you get, expect with my URL instead of yours before the "remote login" stuff:

    Sorry I can't help, but if anyone knows what's going on, it'd be appreciated on my end, too.

  3. good to know, i am not alone :)

  4. Same here. WordPress is crapping out, it seems.

  5. Ditto! I just bought the domain too.

  6. Check the sticky thread at the top of the forum marked System Down? That has all the current info.

  7. whew, thanks raincoaster, admin can delete this thread if need be.

  8. All fixed now, I think.

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