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Invalid Key when visiting ICHC

  1. I wanted to post this in case it's intermittent.

    I just tried to visit by clicking on the title in the RSS widget I have set up for them. The address is now showing:

    And the page is simply black text on a white background:

    Invalid key.

    I tried again, and it gave me the error message again. I clicked the back button, and it showed in the address bar, but was taking a while. So, I clicked refresh. It brought the page up.

    Since they are a VIP site on here, I figure it has something to do with that completely insane blank page + redirect thing WordPress does. I wanted to point it out so it can be looked into.

  2. I'm *rotflmao* at the thought of giving that *coughing* site a feed on my blog -- over my dead body! Setting that aside, what happens when you put the url in your blog surfer?

  3. Hey. It's not stupid. It cracks me up. Of course I have a warped sense of humor, so it helps. Just like I find many "stupid" comedies funny, such as "Bio Dome" and "RocketMan". Many of us software developers are like that.

    Each to his own, okay? You don't have to be insulting about it. :-P

  4. I yet yet to become insulting. What happens when you put the url in your blog surfer?

  5. When I put "" in, it loaded up the three most recent photos.

  6. That's interesting.

  7. It's probably because the Blog Surfer looks for the feed and doesn't have to do that whole "jump the hoops" thing that web browser has to do.

  8. It's coming up fine when i click on the feed links on your blog. I tried the title link and the individual post links: no problem.

  9. @abby
    Yeah, that's what I thought too. I just clicked the feed link in your blog and it worked fine. OOPS! it looks like it worked for judy too.

  10. @judyb12: That's why I said "intermittent" at the top. It's one of those problems that exists, but not always (like the blank page problem). Since that was the first time I'd seen it, I wanted to go ahead and post it.

  11. u cant have cheezeburger. not yours.

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