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    I am a Mac user with a new WP.com blog. I’ve been posting entries from MacJournal because it allows me to put breaks between paragraphs and I cannot figure out ow to do that in WP.

    I have uploaded one entry several times trying to get it just right. Now all of a sudden when I try to upload from MacJOurnal (v. 5.02) IO get an error message from WP saying “invalid post ID”. What can that mean, how did it happen all of a sudden> tried quitting MacJ and restarting, no luck. In the interim between last successful upload and this one, I registered MacJournal….could that make a difference in how it identifies me to WP?



    Can you give us a link to the blog and the name of the post?



    nosleepingdog –

    Did you find an answer to your question? I have the same problem – mac, macjournal, “invalid post id”. And it happened the same way your did; after three or four uploads of the same post. I’d really appreciate hearing from you if you find the solution. Thanks.



    It would be more helpful, if you do as Raincoaster says. Otherwise, your responce may be unaccurate and un-helpful.



    Here is a link to the post in question for me, but I deleted the post as part of trying to re-post it, so there’s really nothing there. <http://themostbold.com/&gt;




    We can answer you now: you’re in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.org, as our software at WordPress.com works quite differently. We won’t be able to help you.


    Thanks for your post. I switched from MacJournal to MarsEdit and the problem did not recur. I don’t mean to blame MacJournal; I haven’t used it for blogging before but previous versions have been quite reliable.



    I just had the same “invalid post id” in MarsEdit when I tried to change a post by deleting it in WordPress.com then posting the changed version from MarsEdit. (The reason I am doing this is that when I edit an existing post online in Safari I lose things such as line breaks that I had put in using MarsEdit.)

    What worked was to copy and paste the edited post into a “new post” in MarsEdit, same title as the original one, and post that. We may be running into something WordPress does, to prevent duplicate posts. (So, if this is true, my original problem, and yours, did not have to do with MacJournal. I like MacJ for many things but MarsEdit is designed specifically for blogging and seems more capable to me—has a preview feature too that is extremely useful.)

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