Invalid Username at log in.

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    I’m trying to log in to post a comment on another persons blog and I keep getting the invalid username error although I am typing the correct username.

    The blog I need help with is


    In reference to Blogger the issue is on the other end. Blogspot software assumes we all have a single username here at and only a single blog by the exact same matching name. It will not accept any other URL. So if we have a domain or more than one blog registered under the same username trying to comment becomes impossible, unless the blogger chooses to enable commenters to post with a username and URL on their Blogger blog. The only workaround is to register a Blogger blog which will allow you to comment but your username will not be linked to your blog when you do. Then you are labeled as a ‘no reply blogger’. It’s crazy-making!



    Thing is, the blog I’m trying to comment on is hosted by WordPress I think and to comment its required that I log in..but I can’t log in!


    I’ll bet that it’s not a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. I’ll bet it’s a WordPress.ORG srlf hosted install and the blogger requires a membership log-in to post comments. Just post the URL please so I can verify.



    Oh my word yes! I do get the .ORG when I click on the logo! Website is

    Thank you so much for your help!


    You’re welcome.



    Any idea what I could do? I really would like to post the comment.


    I don’t know whether or not the blogger simply requires registering a username account, which can be done on the top right hand corner of this page (warning use a different email address) or if they requires some other registration so I can’t help you. All I can say is check the site for instructions.

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