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Invalid/missing verification nonce

  1. I'm trying to connect my Twitter account on my blog in the sharing tab. But that is the error I see I don't know why. Please fix it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Sowmya,
    Did you follow all the steps correctly given here:

    If yes, did you try reconnecting?

    Also, try clearing your browsers cache and cookies as it may be a browser issue sometimes. Then, login again and reconnect.

    Let us know if it works.

    Thanks! :)

  3. It also helps to be already logged in to twitter when trying to authorize the connection.

  4. I am already logged in on Twitter and yes I followed the same procedure and also tried it after cheating cookies but it still says the same. Invalid missing verification nonce

  5. Clearing cookies*

  6. Are both your twitter account and your WordPressdotcom site Public (not Private or Hidden)?

    What OS/browser are you using?

  7. Nope they're both public.

  8. From my end, I just set up a new publicize connection to twitter without encountering any issue. I was logged into my twitter account and used the connect to twitter button on this page

    Take a look in your twitter account settings>apps to see if is authorized there or not.

    Is this the first time you are trying to set up the Publicize connection to twitter?

    Please mention which OS and browser you are using.

  9. @sowmyamishra are you able to successfully login to your twitter account and authorize WordPress.COM?

  10. I am using chrome on Android and this is the first time I am trying to set up the publicize connection to twitter.

  11. I have a feeling that you'll need to be logged in to both twitter and WordPressdotcom through the browser (and not through any app) in order to set this up.

    Regardless, I've tagged this for Staff assistance.

  12. @justjennifer is right - can you try logging into Twitter via Chrome, and through chrome as well, then try authorizing once more?

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